April 2014 – Why Constitutional America Matters

Published April 3, 2014 by Dr. David M. Berman in Articles 2014

Ronald Reagan said ““If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.” He knew what most who understand history know; there is always a tyrant lurking to steal individual liberty away from the “common” man. It would seem that anyone who understands history, the founding of America, and the history of freedom, would also understand that there has never been a place like America.

The freedom call brought people from all over the earth here for a chance at prosperity, and liberty. The reason we became the envy of the world was because of the principles of liberty, and those principles incentivized other nations to come our way.  America was seen as the hope for the world concerning the end of tyranny. Of course tyranny never ends because it is always lurking about looking where it may assert itself.

The Great War between freedom and tyranny was fought in the 20th century between the United States and the Soviet Union. It was a cold war however in it we had the principles of liberty vs the principles of centralized power communism. The debate is over for all logical people. Freedom won, but there are many who refuse to accept the fact that central power tyranny can’t compete with freedom. This truth is why America matters. America was a beacon, a light in the darkness of despotic control and an example of what happens when freedom that is guided by individual responsibility is unleashed.

America called to the world with a voice of prosperity of life, family, and finance, the shining hill for all to see and her people worked hard, innovated, invented, and prospered in ways other nations could only dream of. “Dream of?” … That’s the point isn’t it? To dream, think, aspire to, and take risks to accomplish those dreams. In despotism one can dream but the dreams are quickly dashed into pieces leaving a citizenry filled with despair and discouraged to act on their dreams and create.

When American became weak it did so by losing its original understanding of the principles of liberty, and God given rights and responsibilities. This has translated into a weak economy, and standing in the world. With all that said, it’s not the economy that is the problem nor is it diminished standing in the world that is the real problem. These are mealy symptoms of the problem. The problem is a core one. It is a loss of understanding and practice of the values and principles that resulted in our rise. We are falling not because of the economy, we are falling because we lost our central understanding in the American melting pot of the core principles of the Constitution and the fact that those principles come from God alone. We have forsaken God and with that has come a rejection of His Word and principles of liberty. We have gone from a nation that was unified in culture under main principles to a splintered culture of so called diversity.

Diversity is not unity and unity is not unanimity on everything. We were unified on the principles of the Constitution and revered them. Now we are not and the result has been destruction of liberty and government imposition of whatever is politically correct amongst the elitists. We have lost our way and so we no longer shine as the example to the world, we no longer carry weight; we are a nation in decline because we lost our soul. The America that mattered to the world, which called to the world, which inspired people to rise up against oppression in their own land is no longer alive.

We are now completely led by socialist leaning politicians who believe in big government mandates that fly in the face of the Constitution. We have an imperialist president who has no respect for the rule of law and the principles of individual freedom. President Obama is a man who has utter contempt for the free enterprise system and the idea of American exceptional-ism.

Our weakness has given more room for despots like Vladimir Putin to expand, like south America to increase its socialistic policies. We have let the world down by losing our way and dampening the idea of individual liberty and responsibility. I am certainly not interested in nation building or going to war to fight other people’s battles. What I am saying is that the idea and success of what was once America inspired our fellow men and women around the world to desire freedom.

Our weakness has only emboldened tyrants around the world. America has mostly mattered because it was from the free America that missionaries were sent to spread the gospel all over the world. We are losing our influence in finance, liberty, innovation, and most importantly our influence as a nation with a strong theological Church. We no longer have strong theology as the basis for most churches in America. We left God, we left His Word, we murder his children and we have lost His blessing. Without national repentance there is no redemption for this once great nation.



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