June 2015 – The Marginalization of Christians

Published June 10, 2015 by Dr. David M. Berman in Articles

The old saying “the two things you can be sure of is death and taxes” has certainly proven itself to be true however I believe there is one more thing I would like to add to that; “History repeating itself.” Although we humans like to fancy ourselves as cultured and enlightened, the same barbaric heart is in mankind. What is it we see today that makes us believe we have somehow arrived at a civil state in our social development, when we see ISIS pillaging and murdering like a marauding band of sick barbarians? The secularists point to ISIS and say “see its religion that does this.” While they conveniently leave out the atheistic savages during the Soviet, Chinese, and Cambodian communist revolutions which murdered over 100 million people? They also celebrate the murder of 56 million babies in America. For ISIS it’s their twisted sick religion. For the communists it is there worship of centralized power of the State. For the abortionist it’s the idea that we decide if life is precious based on what we want at the time.  In each case, it is a testimony not to religion or Atheism but rather what the Bible expressed so long ago:

Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”

The heart is the problem and that is why history repeats itself. History teaches us the pattern of tyranny. The idea of marginalizing a group of people as America did to black people during slavery and after with the establishment of Jim Crow laws. This dehumanization eases the conscience as one convinces himself that others are not quite as human as they are. We all know what Hitler did in Germany. He turned a large group of people against the Jews. Convincing them that Jews we the reason for all of their problems and that they were a sub human race. Slowly at first then increasing at an exponential rate Germany marginalized Jews, kept them from having guns, removed them from certain jobs like the press and government positions. Destroying their businesses, and eventually completely subjecting them to enslavement, torture, medical experiments, and death. You see its starts out slow and those being ostracized can’t bring themselves to think it could get as bad as it was under Nazi domination.

The following laws are the first actions the Germans took against the Jews from 1933 to 1939:

Decree of the Berlin city commissioner for health suspends Jewish doctors from the city’s charity services.

Law for the Reestablishment of the Professional Civil Service removes Jews from government service. Law on the Admission to the Legal Profession forbids the admission of Jews to the bar.

Law against Overcrowding in Schools and Universities limits the number of Jewish students in public schools.

De-Naturalization Law revokes the citizenship of naturalized Jews and “undesirables.”
Law on Editors bans Jews from editorial posts.

Army law expels Jewish officers from the army.

Nazi leaders announce the Nuremberg Laws.

Executive Order on the Reich Tax Law forbids Jews to serve as tax-consultants. Reich Veterinarians Law expels Jews from the veterinary profession. Reich Ministry of Education bans Jewish teachers from public schools.

The Mayor of Berlin orders public schools not to admit Jewish children until further notice.

Law on the Alteration of Family and Personal Names forbids Jews from changing their names.

Law on the Profession of Auctioneer excludes Jews from this occupation.

The Gun Law excludes Jewish gun merchants.

Decree against the Camouflage of Jewish Firms forbids changing the names of Jewish-owned businesses.

Order for the Disclosure of Jewish Assets requires Jews to report all property in excess of 5,000 reichsmarks.

Reich Ministry of the Interior bans Jews from health spas.

Executive Order on the Law on the Alteration of Family and Personal Names requires Jews to adopt an additional name: “Sara” for women and “Israel” for men.

Decree on the Confiscation of Jewish Property regulates the transfer of assets from Jews to non-Jewish Germans.

The Reich Interior Ministry invalidates all German passports held by Jews. Jews must surrender their old passports, which will become valid only after the letter “J” had been stamped on them.
Decree on the Exclusion of Jews from German Economic Life closes all Jewish-owned businesses.

Reich Ministry of Education expels all Jewish children from public schools.

Reich Ministry of Interior restricts the freedom of movement of Jews.

The Reich Interior Ministry forbids Jews to keep carrier pigeons.

An Executive Order on the Law on the Organization of National Work cancels all state contracts held with Jewish-owned firms.

Law on Midwives bans all Jews from the occupation.


Decree Concerning the Surrender of Precious Metals and Stones in Jewish Ownership.

The President of the German Lottery forbids the sale of lottery tickets to Jews.

In these we see the destruction of the human rights of the Jews. As we know it only gets worse from there as Hitler increases his stranglehold on power it goes to full throttle despotic rule until 6 million Jews are slaughtered in the name of the “master race.” Some will say; “Dr. Berman you are an alarmist. You know that can’t happen here in America.” To that I say; you are a fool if you do not believe that can happen here! Throughout human history mankind has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the ability and inclination toward tyranny. This is why our founders placed the bill of rights in our founding documents. This is why we have a Constitution. This is why the second amendment was placed in it, and the idea of limited government. But as we have seen, it matters not what the law is but rather what the character of those in power shows. No people that are governed by men and women, who lack the necessary principles of respect for natural rights and the rule of law, can ever expect to remain free. For those who do not commit themselves to the principles of liberty, no Constitution or Bill of Rights means anything. As George Washington said:

“Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim tribute to patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness — these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens. . . . reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principles”

“The aggregate happiness of the society, which is best promoted by the practice of a virtuous policy, is, or ought to be, the end of all government”

“Human rights can only be assured among a virtuous people. The general government . . . can never be in danger of degenerating into a monarchy, an oligarchy, an aristocracy, or any despotic or oppresive form so long as there is any virtue in the body of the people.”
George Washington


You see without virtuous leaders who are committed to the principles of liberty, documents and law mean nothing! We now have a government (all three branches) that is totally corrupt and it has become an enemy of the very Constitution it is charged with defending and upholding.
In the day we live in, America has been taken over by progressives (a nice name for Marxist Centralized Power Thugs). They have infiltrated and taken over in government, education, media, entertainment, healthcare, and now are well on their way to taking over the military and most of the Church. This infiltration has led to a new religion with strong orthodox doctrine. This religion is the Church of Political Correctness. It has its bishops and it is intent on forced conversion of those who resist it. It is already getting resistors fired (Example: CEO of Mozilla), and forcing Christians to violate their God given right to freedom of conscience under penalty of law (Example: Bakery sued for refusing to support a “gay wedding”). In every aspect of society there is an attack on Christians. We are called Haters, backwards, unenlightened, a threat, bigoted, etc. Christians are forced to attend “sensitivity training” in government and private sector jobs, promoting and pressuring Christians to accept and celebrate immoral behavior that is clearly against our religious views. We have to these moral positions of the bible as Christians for two thousand years.

All the while most pastors are either to afraid or clueless about what is taking place. Most pastors seem to be more concerned about being called names then they are speaking the truth about what is happening before their very eyes. Christian radio for the most part is a joke that is more concerned with revenue that confronting the evils of abortion and same sex marriage. It seems that much of the church in America which once fanned the flames of liberty has now become a weak, feminized politically correct embarrassment. If this marginalization of true Christians who actually respect the authority of the Word of God continues, there will be worse violations of rights and eventually persecution of Christians.

I sincerely hope for a national repentance and restoration of the Judeo Christian principles which gave us the greatest liberty land in history. Having said that, I believe true Christians must prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. It is my personal opinion that Christians need to form a Christian Defense League and be ready to defend life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The true brethren must stand together against the coming onslaught of progressive attacks. Resistance against tyranny is not rebellion; it is our duty to our families and to those who shed their blood for our freedom. No King But Jesus!


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