September 2015 – Selective Prosecution: The Elitists are Above the Law

Published September 5, 2015 by Dr. David M. Berman in Articles

The culture war rages on. Unfortunately it is very clear that the progressives are winning. We can see from the glamorization of Bruce Jenner proclaiming himself to be a woman to the disgusting antics, and vulgar videos of Miley Cyrus, the destruction of Christian values. Not only have we as a country completely desecrated the white house with a mockery of the rainbow sign of the covenant that God mad with Noah, we have codified in law that the most unnatural acts are a “natural right”.

It is not surprising to see that when you have a culture that turns from the biblical moral understanding to immoral relativistic thinking, you will also destroy the idea of justice. We have witnessed over the past 7 years outrages actions by the elite with no consequences. Eric Holder who was the Attorney General charged as the chief lawyer for the government was found in “contempt of congress” and what happened to him? Nothing, he continued in his position until he decided to resign. No consequences, no jail time, nothing! James Clapper from the N.S.A. was asked point blank by congress while under oath “is the N.S.A. spying randomly on regular citizens in any way.” He said no. He was asked again with further inquiry about any type of spying and he answered “no.” We now know beyond any shadow of doubt that he lied under oath to congress. What happened to him? Nothing, no jail time! Hillary Clinton secretly had government classified e mails on her private server which is clearly against the law and she lied under oath to congress about it. What will happen to her? I guarantee nothing! President Obama literally changed the immigration law, rewrote parts of Obamacare, and took over private companies breaking the law and financial regulations. What happened to him? Nothing! Charlie Rangel evaded taxes and what happened to him? Nothing!

I could go on and on but I think you get my point. Time and time again we see that the elite do not live under the rules they put on the rest of us. Those who are connected are protected and the rest of us are left to live under the tyranny of the laws and regulations that the elite place upon us.

Recently a county clerk in Kentucky named Kim Davis has refused to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples. She said it is against her conscience to do so and so she refused. What happened to her? She was sued and held in contempt of Court and sent to jail for not issuing same sex marriage licenses. Sent to jail! The judge could have easily told her that she would be impeached but no. He decided to throw this poor woman in jail simply for not breaking her religious convictions. Now you can say “she is an elected official and has to follow every law” I can debate that but for the sake of this article let’s just say that is true. Why throw her in jail? Is what she did worse than the contempt of congress committed by Eric Holder? Was it as bad as the betrayal of the Constitution by President Obama? Or the total disregard for the constitution by James Clapper and the N.S.A? Did she place top secret documents in the hands of our enemies like Hillary Clinton did? Did she evade her taxes like Charlie Rangel? NO! She dared to stand up against the ridiculous ruling of the Supreme Court who legislates from the bench and forces its progressive will on the rest of us.

You see, Kim Davis broke the law but the law she broke is much worse than simply not granting marriage licenses to homosexuals. You see she broke the law of the Homo-fascists. She dared to stand against the homosexual progressive movement that is taking control of our nation. That my friend is something the left simply can’t allow, so this poor woman is sitting in jail as a political prisoner for her faith. The judge could have easily given her another punishment but he under the influence of Satan has judged her guilty in such a way as to treat her as though she is some terrible criminal. It’s just the beginning me friends. The progressives are coming after the people of God.

I and many others have warned for over twenty years of the persecution that is coming and many laughed. Wake up Church. The powerful in this nation have a disdain for you and your God. Prepare your hearts from what’s to come. God bless you Kim Davis for your willingness to stand for your faith.

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