September 2012 – The Republican (Romney is a good guy) Convention – What was missing?

Published September 3, 2012 by Dr. David M. Berman in Articles 2012

By Dr. David M. Berman

Well it’s over. The Republican convention has come and gone and we are left with a clear picture of the priorities of the Republican Party. You may be asking what I mean by clear priorities since there were really no specifics on how Romney will cut the deficit, get the economy going, and reform entitlements. Well I see the clear priorities they have not by what they said but rather by what they did not say. I also see their priorities by how they pandered.

Is anyone really fooled? Unfortunately many are fooled just as many are fooled by the Marxist Democrat Party. Those of us who can see beyond the “my team your team, Republican good Democrat bad” mindset have no fog in our visibility. We see clearly that the Republican Party establishment continues with the “conservative” platitudes while refusing to seriously make a case for the true Constitutional principles this nation was founded on. There is no real substance in their convention speak for two reasons. They neither have the moral ground, or the true conviction to make the real case for the Constitution, or the biblical values that this nation used to hold to. Here are a couple of questions that must be asked;

1)    How can the Republican Party make a moral argument when their nominee has been complicit in the murder of unborn children? One might answer that Romney is no longer in favor of abortion and is a convert to prolife, and so he can now stand for life. The problem with this position is that after his so called conversion, he signed into law $50 abortions in Massachusetts.

2)    How can the Republican Party make the moral argument when their nominee did nothing to stand up for marriage, but rather promoted the homosexual agenda? Can the party say Romney is pro-family? I do not think so unless the family is redefined, and that is exactly the desire of the left.

3)    How can the Republican Party make the argument for fiscal responsibility when they voted for the T.A.R.P. bailouts? Can they look at us seriously and argue for small government when they established a new entitlement when they controlled Congress and the White House? Romney speaks of how conservative he is while at the same time he is responsible for Romney Care in Massachusetts.

4)    Was it not obvious that the Republicans were pandering to feminism? Ann Romney said:
“It’s the moms who’ve always had to work a little hard to make everything right” and continued, “It’s the moms who hold this country together.”

I wonder what would have happened had it been said “it’s the Dads who have had to work a little harder; it’s the Dads who hold this country together”?

My point is not that I am offended by her comments, I happen to think moms are amazing. My point is that it is pandering, and fake, and the same old garbage that people cheer to in order to prove that Conservatives are not anti-woman. The problem is that in doing so, they play into the narrative that there is no difference between men and woman, and that the traditional biblical family is out dated and oppressive to women.

How can the Republican Party make the argument that they are pro-life and at the same time do little to nothing to defend life? Was any case made for the unalienable rights of the unborn children at the convention? Was there a case made for the principles of liberty for all females including female babies? Where was the real argument for Constitutional fiscal discipline? It did not exist. Instead we were subjected to “Mitt is a good guy” “Mitt loves women” Mitt cares about people who suffer”…and on and on with how “Mit-Tastic” Romney is.  Is this the best that the Party of Lincoln and Reagan can do?

How long will Christians continue to buy from the con men? How long will Christians continue to put their trust in flesh? How long will Christians continue to believe the platitudes of Republicans who say one thing and vote another?
How long will Christians be willing to hear all the great words about the Constitution and “our values” from a Party leadership that continually promotes big government, and seeks to increase the government’s power over personal liberty?
How long will Christians stand with a party that voted power to the government to arrest and detain American citizens with no charges, and no trial indefinitely? How long with Christians stand divided rather than band together under the basic principles of liberty that we all agree on? How long? Too long I fear. Why? The answer is this; Christians are voting based on their personal finances rather than principle. The bible calls that “the love of money” and proclaims the love of money “the root of all evil.” They say “Romney will do better for the economy” and “Romney will help jobs” and because of that they are willing to look the other way from his pro-abortion record, his gay marriage record, his promotion of the homosexual agenda, and his socialist Romney Care, they will vote for him. The reality is that eventually, even if Romney does better than Obama economically, American will end up in economic and social ruin because we have turned from God, and the Constitution. Nothing short of a return to the true principles of liberty, and the biblical standard of morality will save us.

The Republican Party will never change if Christians continue to allow their vote to be taken for granted. Those Americans who call themselves Christians and Constitutionalists must stop supporting the enemies of liberty, and the promoters of statist thinking. The Republican Party has simply become “Democrat Lite.” Stand for the truth or fall for the lie. Make your choice but please don’t deceive yourself, The Republican Party leadership is neither committed to the protection of unborn Children, or committed to Constitutional limited government. Their priorities are clear; they are power hungry, money hungry, sell outs that have been playing the Christian vote like a con man plays his unwitting targets. The only difference is that con men usually con once and then move to the next victim. The Republican Party keeps coming back to Christians who forget the con men deceived them before. Wake up!

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