September 2010 – Theistic Evolution and “Christians”

Published September 5, 2010 by Dr. David M. Berman in Articles 2010

By Dr. David M. Berman

It seems clear that many in the “Evangelical” world are now allowing themselves to leave room for the possibility of Evolution. They say that if we have evolved it is the Creator who started and guided the process. One glaring example is Regent College Old Testament Professor Bruce Waltke who explained his position that evolution was not in conflict with the Biblical principle of a Creator. He makes the point that God could have caused and guided the evolutionary process (Source -Barriers to accepting the possibility of creation by means of an evolutionary process – Bruce Waltke).

This has been a growing movement for many years. Tim Keller, a well known pastor also blurs the lines in his position on creation. This is very troubling to Bible believing preachers like me. Many of us who have dedicated our lives to the preaching of the gospel are repulsed by the move of what I consider to be the “Christian Pop Elite.”  The move away from the bounds of Orthodox Christian teaching has been driven by these elitists and has done nothing to increase the church. Somehow these often well meaning yet foolish people do not seem to understand that they have no right to change the great Biblical doctrines of Christianity in order to make the faith more palatable to unbelieving minds.

Some of them actually argue that we are going to lose our young people if we do not give into the dogma of Evolution. They even site the fact that almost universally the “Church” in Europe has accepted Evolution as a reason for us to do the same. Last I checked, less and less of both younger and older people are going to church in Europe. I am not quite sure why they would use that as an argument since it certainly has not increased the attendance of church in Europe. It would not make a difference in the argument even if it did increase church attendance. Church attendance (as important as that is) is not the main goal, The GOSPEL TRUTH IS!

This is why most of our Bible colleges and seminaries are putting out liberal leaning graduates. This is why political correctness is strangling the preaching of truth in so many churches. This is why preachers like me are ridiculed for standing on the entire Bible. It is simply no longer fashionable in post modern “Pop Christianity” to actually hold to the Bible in all things.

Theistic Evolution may be one of the worse examples of the influence of worldly thinking over American Christians. We already have an intensely Biblically illiterate Church in America. This illiteracy has led to many simply following what sounds good to their carnal ear rather than consulting the Word of God. I find it to be quite amazing that so many modern American Christians seem to be swayed and tossed to and fro by the latest Pop Christian ideas and icons. Whether its The Purpose Driven Life, Emergent movement’s Rob Bell, or warmed over 18th century liberalism’s “Emergent Village,” the goal is the same;  Make Christianity palatable to an evil, sinful, unregenerate world. The idea is to secularize the sacred and to mask it in being hip while all is cloaked in pseudo spirituality.

The folly of Theistic Evolution preachers is that in following such heretical teaching, the adherents are preaching against the authority of the Bible. Either the Bible is the Word of God or it is not. The Bible is clear in the Genesis account of creation that God created the heavens and the earth. “In the beginning God created” is an absolute proclamation of who it was that created all (Gen 1:1).

This is an account given that makes a dogmatic point that God created everything in six days. The Bible says that God formed Adam from the dust of the earth and Eve from Adam’s rib. God breathed life into them after forming man in the image of God (Gen 1:26). God did not form man as primordial slime and set it on a course to develop into man. God made man and all the animals in six days, not 4 billion years. To say otherwise is to say that the Genesis account is not accurate. What many of these Theistic Evolutionists say is that we can’t take the creation account literally. If that is true that why should we take the Biblical account of the resurrection literally? How about the necessity of being born again by the regeneration of the Holy Ghost literally? How about the literal belief that Jesus is the way the truth and the life, and that no man comes to the Father but by Him? How about the literal virgin birth? Should we really believe that Mary was with child by the Holy Ghost?…

One could find a way very easily to spiritualize these points into symbols and make them say whatever they want to. The entire Soteriological (doctrine of salvation) position of Christianity is based on the authority of the Bible. Once the Church allows itself to give in to secular pressure to change something as basic as creation, we destroy the authority of the Scripture and thus have no absolute ground to stand on in any Biblical Theology. One could twist them into a pretzel and make a good natural Devil pleasing argument for why it would be ridiculous to believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven…after all, are there not many other great religious figures who taught great moral lessons? In fact if the main goal is to get more people in the church by pleasing their human intellect, certainly one could twist any passage of Scripture by reducing it to a symbol of something else than what it is. The Bible says”

1 Corinthians 2:14 “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

What makes Christians think that the goal is to get people in Church rather than to give them the true gospel so they may get to heaven and be snatched out of the grip of Hell?

Theistic Evolutionists say things that the world says. Things like:

“How could God create everything we see in six days?”

 “There is great evidence that the world is billions of years old.”

These and other straw man arguments are made to discredit the creation account. It never ceases to amaze me that those who say they believe in God also say; “How could God?” How could he? How could the Lord make the sun and immediately have its light touch the earth? Man has not even figured out how to cure the common cold, and they trust man’s conclusion that earth is billions of years old? “How Could God” is an absurd question…HE IS GOD THAT’S HOW HE CAN! God is not subject to the laws of nature since he made both the natural and the supernatural.

Where is the evidence that Evolution is true?

1)      How did hydrogen (gas) and oxygen (gas) bind together and form water?

2)      How did a man breathe without developed lungs, and if man could breath why did man have to make lungs?

3)      How did animals reproduce with non developed sexual organs? Did they sort of have sexual contact and not at the same time?

4)      Why are there estrogen and testosterone and how did that work before the female and male sexual reproductive system was evolved?

5)      Why does the second law of thermodynamics (entropy) explicitly show that things are in a state of devolution (deterioration)?

6)      How could there be a specific DNA code if this was an accident?

7)      How could chaos turn into order? If a bomb explodes in a crowded room does that ever bring order?

8)      Why are there not millions of transitional fossils showing the slow transition of slime into animals and humans? Why does the fossil record support spontaneous creation?

9)      What came first? The digestive system, the food to be digested, the appetite, the ability to find and eat the food, the digestive juices, or the body’s resistance to its own digestive juice (stomach, intestines, etc. This is one of the most well known questions that evolutionists can’t begin to answer).

10)  And for you Theistic evolutionist who claim to believe in the Bible and Evolution;

A)     Why did Jesus believe in creation? Was Jesus not God and thus not hip on the latest modern evolutionary thinking of Darwin, and Dawkins? In Mathew chapter 19, Jesus makes it clear that he accepted the creation account of Adam and Eve along with God’s specific design for marriage.

B)     Why does Jesus say the following:

Mark 10:6 “But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.”

Did Jesus say but from the beginning God created them slime? Did he say from the beginning God created them soup? NO! God created Man from the BEGINNING male and Female! “The Beginning!”

C)     Why does the Bible say that when God finished his creation he saw that it was good, and that he made every animal “after its kind?” Kind (Hebrew – means species). The Bible does not say that God made the animals after a different kind through an evolutionary process. If you believe the Bible, You believe in spontaneous creation by the spoken Word of God Himself. 

Theistic Evolution is just one more attack on the Bible that is being embraced by modern “Christian” elitists and being swallowed by average biblically illiterate sheep. There is no way to rely on the Scripture as truth for salvation and at the same time decide that the creation account is some sort of symbolic writing. Either God created the heavens, the Earth, and all living things as the Bible says, or we can’t rely on the authority of Scripture. A person who believes in Theistic Evolution is a person who is in grave erroneous heresy. That person is in great spiritual danger. It is the call of every true preacher to defend the Word of God by preaching it as it is. It is imperative that God’s people understand Biblical Hermeneutics. Where the Bible is not obviously expressing a symbol (Example Matt 5:13), it is literal. The Genesis account of creation is not written with any symbolic leaning. It is simply the true account of creation. If you reject it, you are promoting an unorthodox view and profaning the eternal Word of God. Theistic Evolution is a demonic doctrine. Wake up!

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