October 2015 – Unity NOT Diversity Is our Strength

Published October 8, 2015 by Dr. David M. Berman in Articles

There has been a massive indoctrination in society called multi-culturalism. The nice sounding lie is that there is strength in diversity. In fact the saying “our strength is our diversity” has been the mantra for 30 years as the globalist New World Order progressive types work hard to de-Americanize the average citizen. The attack is clear and directly against the idea that America is exceptional. The unified position of Americans founded in the rule of law based in the principles of individual liberty has been viciously attacked. We are told over and over of how bad America is because of slavery. Although it is true that America has had its past problems, the fact is that every nation has had problems. Over all America has been the safest freest country on the face of the earth.

We now have entire ethnic groups who believe America’s foundational constitutional unity is evil and that our strength is only going to be found in our diversity. What has that produced? It has produced a balkanization of America with one group against another. America is divided like no other time since the civil war; Blacks against Whites, Hispanic against whites, Asians against blacks, secularists against Christians, and moral traditionalists against promoters of postmodern debauchery. On every level we are divided rather than unified. A culture that is this divided cannot stand. This principle is mentioned by Jesus in the following verses:
Mark 3:24-25 “And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

It used to be that no matter what political party you were in, no matter where your ancestry was from, that America was united on the basic principles of liberty. In order to destroy us the enemies of liberty have worked very hard and effectively to infiltrate every institution. Destroying marriage, they have broken the basic foundation of society. Destroying the public school system they have dumbed down the young people to accept the anti-liberty agenda of the powerful central planners. More government, more “inclusion and diversity,” and constant attacks on the principles of liberty as laid out in our founding documents.

What the uninformed masses do not realize is that the powers that are working have no true interest in diversity. Diversity is a way to undermine what was a unified constitutional mindset in America that led us to unprecedented prosperity and freedom. The central planners have no desire to live and let live, nor do they celebrate diversity. As soon as they can they will force the nation to be under a different unity. One in which their world view of global socialism is supreme. Where every aspect of our lives are governed under the tyranny of their new unity. Your diverse opinions will not be allowed but rather will be categorized as hate speech. Your religious views will not be tolerated, and your desire to be different will be shut down in the name of the “greater good”.

You see my friend that is the end goal; “the collective” A society where individual rights give way to the will of the elite leaders of the controlled masses. Society defined by the small group of privileged that rule us. There will be no more free speech or freedom of religion. No more personal property rights or right to bear arms. The mantra “our strength is in our diversity” will give way to a forced unity under the dictates of the powerful elite who themselves are above the laws they place on us. For that indeed is the lesson of history. We will be a nation of the elite, by the elite, for the elite. Diversity is a ruse, it is subterfuge designed to bring us to an end of central tyrannical despotism. They wish to change us from the land of the free and home of the brave to the land of the controlled and the home of the terrified. To shut us up, make us walk in fear of economic and physical persecution. The courts tell us what we must think and how we must do business. They force us under penalty of law to violate our deepest convictions under threat of financial retribution. They seek to disarm us that we be made defenseless against their ill will, and they will stop at nothing to bring about their grand vision of a New World Order.

No my fellow Americans. Our strength is not in our diversity. Our strength can only be in our unity of resolve to resist the central planners. We must be unified philosophically under the principles of individual rights and responsibilities. We must understand and defend the Constitution that unites us for if we do not we are doomed to a future of despotism. They have systematically destroyed every institution starting with the family and the responsibility and authority of the man as head of family. They have destroyed public education turning it into communist re-education camps. They have destroyed the monetary system making it a fiat currency system based on speculation only with no real value. They have infiltrated the churches turning many former bible preaching churches into cesspools of moral relativism. They have taken over healthcare so they may control everything about your physical and mental wellbeing. They own the media and spew out the progressive propaganda.

Out of the numbers of us who understand these things, few are willing to speak out for fear of being reviled. Those of us who speak out are subjected to endless false accusations intended to marginalize us. I and others will continue to sound the alarm. We can only hope that our fellow Americans will wake up and defy these traitors to liberty, these domestic enemies of the Constitution. May God in His mercy wake America up before it is too late. May we once again become a people black, white, Asian, Hispanic etc that unite under the principles of liberty and shun the idea that diversity is our strength. For only by all of us rejecting the powers of division, and uniting under the principles of liberty together can we stop the onslaught of despotic ruin that disguises itself as government care and concern.

In Christ:
Dr. David M. Berman (Minister of The Gospel & American Patriot)

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