November 2012 – SPECIAL EDITION: Obama Wins, America Commits Liberty Suicide

Published November 24, 2012 by Dr. David M. Berman in Articles 2012

In the course of human history there have been numerous examples of nations who believed the elite. Their trust was given over, only to realize too late that their confidence in government was what I call “Liberty Suicide.” Oh how we fail to heed the warnings of both history and God’s prophets.

The human condition is filled with pitfalls; for ours is a history of tyranny with very little liberty. As one looks at the chronicle of the human race, one sees it littered with dead bodies, stolen property, abuse, elitism, murder of innocents, and on and on. Throughout the ages, it has been the strength of government that has oppressed the people. The American Revolution was based on the radical idea that people have rights from God individually and that they should not be abused by the government. This notion became weaved into our social and political DNA. We used to know it, understand it, and breathe it, as the balance of freedom and personal responsibility were as stable as ever could be in a system run by mankind.

Religious freedom was a hallmark of our nation as was personal property rights, parental rights, economic freedom and the beautiful principles of liberty as acknowledged in the Bill of Rights. What has happened to this one great nation is nothing short of “Liberty Suicide.” We have elected for a second time a man that represents the antithesis of all we were founded on. His is a globalist mindset.  He seeks to right what he sees are the wrongs of America. I am convinced he is a Muslim for several reasons. He calls the Koran “the Holy Koran”, he said that Islam was “revealed” in the middle east. No Christian would call the Koran “Holy” nor would a Christian refer to Islam as being “revealed” as some revelation from God. I am convinced he is a detriment to our national security economically and militarily. He and those who put him in power seek to “fundamentally change America” (The words of Obama in 2008). They are bound and determined to turn this nation into a Marxist country and over half of the population is helping them to do so.

A few years ago I was on a beach at night and I was sitting by the camp fire. There was some beach grass there and after a while I saw some bugs come out of the beach grass and walk toward the fire. On they went seemingly mesmerized by the power of the flickering fire with its glow and heat on a chilly night. As they did I noticed that they did not stop. One by one they walked slowly to their own death at the promise of something they saw in that fire. For some reason they believed against the obvious that this was a good idea even though they watched those in front be burnt up in the fire. They walked right in any way to their own peril.

The fire is government control and centralized power. It shines like a light, and it promises warmth, and then when you get too close it consumes you. The bugs are like history which shows us that tyranny comes from centralized power and yet many have become the bugs that follow history right into Marxism believing that this time the fire will not burn them. You don’t like my analogy? Well I often use this quote of our first President and I will now do so again:

“Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is a force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” – George Washington

Our nation has forsaken everything that gave us not only prosperity financially, but more importantly, prosperity of liberty. For without that we would not have had financial blessing. We have become a nation where over 50 percent believe they deserve what another has earned, and who think that worshipping government as provider is the answer to every problem. They have traded freedom for “security, finance, and protection” and in the end they will have neither.

Sin is celebrated, and the God of the Bible is despised. Human wisdom is lifted up and true Gospel preachers are scorned. Churches often are nothing more than social clubs with a cross on the building, and those churches that stand for truth are not only ridiculed by the secular world but also by liberal “churches” that would rather be loved by the world than stand for truth.

Obama won the woman vote by 10%. In embracing rebellion, women have bought the feminist lie that they are better off being without the leadership of a husband and what they have become in large part are wards of the state. Feminism promised “you don’t need anyone to take care of you” but the truth is that the majority of women have replaced male leadership in the home with a dependency on the perilous leadership of government programs. Women complain that they can’t find a committed man after they have spent the last 40 years telling men that they do not need their commitment. After being told that there is no emotional consequence to sex, women have been used, and abused only to be left jaded by bad relationships, and often left with a sexually transmitted disease. Oh yes what a great promise feminism was, and what a great failure it is as more and more women buy the lie that slavery to government is somehow some murder their own children in their womb that was made to be a protection to their baby. Others cheer “reproductive rights” while forgetting that the female in their wombs will have no right to reproduce since they have been murdered.

Obama is not the problem. He is the figure head of the problem of a once great nation turned from God. And His Word to human reason which has born ugly consequences:

Luke 6:43 “For a good tree brings not forth corrupt fruit; neither does a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.”

We have passed the point of return. The nation is bankrupt, morally, and financially. The once great liberty tree has been chopped down and replaces with the tempting fruit of Satan. There is no going back and so one of three things will happen:

1)    We will have a great spiritual awakening where the people’s hearts are once again turned to God and they will demand a return to the principles this nation was founded on.

2)    We will continue to slip into hard tyranny.

3)    There will be a civil war where blood is shed and the outcome uncertain.

My sense is that the nation will not repent, nor will it walk into the fire any slower. I believe civil unrest will manifest when hyperinflation comes and/or when then money runs out that people depend on. I believe there is a possibility at that point when some will say no more and will take up arms to fight against tyranny and by then it may be an exercise in futility.

The bottom line is this; The Constitution is lost, America is a mere shadow of what it was in its prior liberty greatness. I do not believe we will ever be that great again. I truly hope I am wrong but the writing is on the wall. I will not give up. I will continue to fight. But I suggest freedom loving Americans prepare to take care of and defend their families. May God have mercy on us, a nation that has forsaken Him from whom our blessings come.

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