May 2015 –   Another Emancipation Proclamation

Published May 9, 2015 by Dr. David M. Berman in Articles

On January 1 1863 President Abraham Lincoln declared the “Emancipation Proclamation.” In this historic document, written and declared in the midst of civil war, a powerful message was sent. Just what was that message? He declared all states that hold slaves as “being in rebellion against the Government of the United States.”  There is no doubt that one of the worse things our young nation did was to ignore slavery in our founding and just hope it would either go away or not cause any trouble. There are many things to praise our founders for in the establishment of America, however this one thing is a scar that remains today.

The liberals will certainly agree with what I said in the preceding paragraph. In fact I would hope everyone agrees with what I wrote. I find tyranny of any sort to be abominable. The idea that a person can forces another person into servitude makes me angry. It always has. This is why I hate the idea of totalitarian societies where the ruling class has the rest under their thumb. At reading this you would think I am a modern day liberal. At least that is what they want you to believe. They want you to believe that Conservatives are somehow in favor of government control by way of Fascism. This of course is absurd. Most people who use the word “fascism” do not even know what it means. Fascism is when government is so large and powerful that it forms an alliance with business interests, education, and media to control the masses by intimidation or worse. It is akin to socialism or crony capitalism where it is important to go along with government power or else. True Constitutional Conservatives can’t be Fascists since we believe in the principles of liberty. We do not believe in corporate welfare, bailouts, or crony Capitalism. We believe in limited government with only the power granted by our Constitution. This position makes it impossible for us to be Fascists. It is those in Government like President Obama who use their connections to big business to further their power. General Electric for example and the Obama administration are clearly in bed together. Obama has taken control of healthcare, and continues to spend and power grab. Boeing is his latest target as his administration is now telling that private company where it can and cannot build a factory. Boeing better get in line with what this administration says or else….that is Fascism!

True Conservatives believe in the founding principles of liberty. Those principles were established by our founders and yet in their hypocrisy in this one area, they allowed slavery to continue. No true believer in the principles of liberty would ever believe they have automatic rights to what belongs to another, especially a person’s own life and liberty. Abraham Lincoln, in his Emancipation Proclamation, declared what should have been dealt with at the countries founding. Due to the negligence of our founding fathers in this one area, we have suffered war, division, and strife between black people and white which has spilled over to other minorities.

Fast forward and segregation and discrimination continue in the south mostly with a second class citizenry that had to fight against a raging tide of tyrannical laws (Jim Crow). In the 1960’s it came to a head and finally the civil rights act was passed in 1964. So then what? Were Black people free? Did the system get fixed? Did the Black family finally prosper? After all the years of slavery, then Civil War, than the Civil Rights Act, what happened?…….Freedom?……. Prosperity?

What has happened is this. Instead of true emancipation from the ills of control, the black family, and inner city has become enslaved to the power of the slave master called big government and those in the Black community such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson that profit off of race baiting are a disgrace. Here are the statistics that do not lie:

  • 1960, three-quarters of African Americans were born into a family of a married couple. This statistic is before the Civil Rights Act so it is not financial problems that have broken the Black family up. Certainly most black people are better off now financially then they were in 1960 and yet as we see the family is worse off.. (Christopher Jencks, “Is the American Underclass Growing,” 86, Table 14. In Jencks and Peterson, eds., Urban Underclass, Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution, 1991. Cited in The Abolition of Marriage, by Maggie Gallagher page 117)
  • One-third of black children have two parents in the home.”
    Dennis A. Ahlburg and Carol J. DeVita, “New Realities of the American Family,” Population Bulletin 47, no.2 (August 1992) 8. Cited in The Abolition of Marriage, by Maggie Gallagher page 117
  • In 1960, 23 percent of black children were born to unwed mothers. Today the proportion is nearly the same for whites, and the rate is rising rapidly.”
    (Jencks, “American Underclass,” Table 14, 86. In Jencks and Peterson, eds., Urban Underclass, Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution, 1991). Cited in The Abolition of Marriage, by Maggie Gallagher page 126)
  • In 2003 the rate of out of wedlock births in the Black population was 68% (Black Illegitimacy rate, UPI, Steve Sailer, 2003)
  • 17% of black men ages 20 and over are unemployed as compared to national rate now hovering around 9%.(Bureau of labor statistics,

The truth is that I could go on and on about the situation of crime, drugs, fatherless children etc however, there is no need to belabor the point. Make no mistake about it, I know that many are now as angry as can be over this article. However I must not be politically correct. In fact it is the raging political correctness that the ruling class uses to silence all opponents of their tyrannical world view.  They bank on silencing anyone who disagrees with them by calling that person a “racist.”

One only has to look at the nation of Haiti to see what happens when a people becomes totally dependent on handouts. Before the Earthquake there were approximately 10000 agencies giving money and food, and still immense corruption and poverty. Billions have been given to Haiti since the earth quake and almost nothing has been done. In Africa we see much of the same in nations that have depended on hand outs from the West. This does not set people free. I certainly believe in private charities however too much leads to dependence. Government charity is always inefficient. We must hold people accountable to work, and give them incentive to create with their God given talents.

Was it Abraham Lincoln’s vision to have black people go from private tyranny to government tyranny? You ask; “What are you trying to say?” This is what I am saying; although we certainly have seen better conditions for black Americans, what we do not see by any stretch of the imagination is the potential of Black Americans being fulfilled. Instead of a total emancipation, what we have is a grip of government dependence that leads to poverty, family break down, and lack of self respect that comes from personal accomplishments rather than getting by on government handouts. Now before those of you who look for racism under every rock accuse me of saying that all Blacks are under accomplished or some other ridiculous charge, I am in no way saying that. What I am saying is that an incredible large portion of Black people, other minorities, and increasing numbers of poor white people, have allowed themselves to be enslaved to government dependence (I am not talking about the truly disabled).

Are black people better off than they were during slavery? Of course they are, however social programs create dependency and suck the creativity out of people. Government dependence creates generations who do not have the joy, or sense of self respect that comes from building, and working through failures to a place of self reliance. Men who come from these situations often do not feel a sense of responsibility to care for their children because the government will feed, house, and clothe them. Children of the dependent class almost always continue in dependence since they are taught by example that the government is daddy. Once on dependence the thought of losing the crumbs provided by the government becomes terrifying since it is all the dependent person has. This only perpetuates the tyranny. Is this Freedom?……Liberty?…..the pursuit of Happiness? No it is not. I don’t want people to simply be better off than when they were slaves, I want people to be free to reach their potential. To have the opportunity that only comes from freedom loosed from the shackles of government bondage!

I ask a simple question; who really cares more about black people and other minorities; those who want to continue keeping the minority population under government control, or those who believe that all people, no matter what race they are, have inalienable rights to be free? If you respect people, you believe in their abilities to succeed, their ability to create, and their ability to compete. If you do not believe in a Race, you think you have to “care for them.” White Liberals, and Liberal Black leaders either do not believe in the power of free black people, or they are simply enriching themselves under the guise of “protecting them.”

Those is power know that there is more than one way to skin a cat. Those is power know that they can use one bad part of our history for their own political gain. They demagogue and play the “race card” at every turn to rile up those who live in fear of losing the government handouts. When slavery was in full force here in America is was because the slave traders and their willing African accomplices sold people into slavery to fulfill the demand here. The slave sellers, traders, and buyers were all complicit in the shameful and disgusting human trade. In many ways the dependence pushers and people who live off of the poverty “industry,” are complicit in the state of the black family (and the increasing white dependency of government).

Is it not the height of Racism to believe you are better than another Race? Is it not arrogant to believe that a particular Race is not quite as smart as yours so they need you to be their Daddy? Why am I called the dreaded “R” word when I believe all people, no matter what race they are, can excel in every way when loosed from the shackles of dependence? I believe in the ability of all people who live in liberty. I simply do not care what the skin color or racial back ground is. I believe in setting all people free to succeed or fail because you can’t have success unless there is the ability to fail. When government tries to stop all failure by being Daddy, they create failure without opportunity for success. So I say we need another “Emancipation Proclamation.” black people, other minorities, as well as white people who have allowed themselves to be dependent, must be emancipated from government. In doing so, liberty will reign as our founding principles of liberty were truly meant to be.  Don’t react to it, Think about it.

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