May 2011 – The Dependent Class

Published May 5, 2011 by Dr. David M. Berman in Articles 2011

By Dr. David M. Berman

What does it mean to be an American? It seems that would be an excellent question to ask ourselves since there seems to be quite a debate as to the answer. Some continue to exalt us as a great “Democracy” (we are a Republic). Others say America is simply a member of the “World Community” (we are a sovereign nation). Still others say America is simply a place that has come about by oppression and domination. I find it both sad and interesting when I listen to the leftist elite talk about this nation. It is sad because they seemingly have no idea how this country came about or how it had prospered into the freest, most prosperous nation in the world. They have the idea that our nation was founded by exploitation. The truth is that all nations are founded or preserved in war. I know this is not politically correct however it is the way it is. The Hispanic organization “La Raza” whines about parts of Mexico that were as they put it “stolen” from Mexico. They apparently forget that the Spanish “stole” it from the indigenous people. They also fail to realize that the indigenous people warred and “stole it” from each other. This is the nature of human civilization.

Now I will tackle the dangerous ground of anti-White propaganda that flows from the mouths of the Leftists. Why dangerous? Because I will be called a racist for defending white people (I am not white, I am Semitic). They paint a picture that conquest has only come from the hand of white people. This is absurd. Has anyone looked at Africa over the last 40 to 50 years of individual country independence? We have seen black people killing each other in the most brutal ways and we do not hear it said that they kill each other because they are black. The truth is that history is complete with people of all national origins, skin color, and culture killing each other and conquering land.

Now to the question of why I titled this article “The Dependent Class?” The reason is that there has been a concerted conspiracy to malign traditional American values, economic system, and Constitution because of a grand vision. The grand vision of the Leftist has nothing to do with truth and much to do with creating a dependent class to bring about their rabid ideological socialist/communist world view.

We now have a nation where one person out of every six is on direct government assistance. That number is huge but it does not tell the whole story. If you take all the federal spending and subsidies with the over 70 welfare programs, education spending, and on and on and the number explodes. 50 million people now are on Medicaid, and 40 million people get food stamps. The inner city family has been decimated by these dependence programs and the family as a structure is continuing to suffer as the Federal Government takes the place of Daddy. I want to make myself clear. I am not saying that everyone who has got assistance is a free loader. Some have been forced by situations that the government has caused by its socialist policies. I will say that hand outs create a dependence and the majority on welfare are on it because of their own irresponsible choices and behavior.

We now have a national debt that is so large that there is simply no way to pay it off. In fact if you took 100% of the earnings of all people making $250,000.00 or more, you still could not pay the debt. President Obama and his willing accomplices have only increased the problem with his failed “stimulus” spending, and his insane new healthcare legislation. He created another monstrous government program that will help to finish the desire of the left to destroy this nation as we know it, and remake it is their collectivist ideology.

Anyone who has been reading my writings over the years will know that I am no fan of the Republican Party either. Having said that, I will say at least Rep. Paul Ryan came out with a real spending cut budget proposal. The proposal however has been met with the typical shouts of hating the poor, and all the nonsense that is constantly spewed by those who desire the demise of our free market Capitalist system. Even if you ask the average American citizen you will find that they have bought the big government lie. Oppression comes in the form of centralized power no matter what the race of that power is. If we truly want to have all races be free, we must stop enslaving everyone to government dependency. The government is now quickly becoming the plantation owner, and slave master. Those who are in the upper end of the elitist culture (education, media, certain corporate interests) get to live in the house while the rest of us wallow in the oppression of so called government “care” as we slave in the cotton fields.

This is what will happen soon. The dependency class will soon realize that there simply is no more money, and the house of cards will fall. As it does, they will riot, destroy property, protest for their handouts, and chaos will ensue. This will lead to a tougher hand of government and history will repeat itself. Centralized power is absolute power and “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The elite however will not suffer, they will not have a problem, and they will continue to live off the backs of the people just like the slave owners of old.

One of the things that bother me most is how the left has been able to convince minorities that they have their best interests in mind. People like me are told that we don’t care about minorities. Nothing could be further from the truth. I know that in order for all people to prosper, freedom and personal responsibility is a must. One cannot prosper by dependence on the crumbs that the central planning government provides. Only freedom brings prosperity.

I must warn you all that this is not going to change. It is too late to change it unless there is another American revolution. I suggest you prepare the best you can to protect and provide for your family. We are in for very tumultuous times. One cannot look at the true numbers of our national debt, the amount of dependence, the ignorance of our founding principles of liberty in the citizenry, and conclude anything other than this; America as we have known and loved it will not exist if we do not turn around 180 degrees NOW!    

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