March 2010 – Bananas Anyone?

Published March 5, 2010 by Dr. David M. Berman in Articles 2010

By Dr. David M. Berman

Most of us have heard the term “Banana Republic.” This is a pejorative term that describes the worst aspects of what have been known as “undeveloped or developing,” nations. All one has to do to see a banana republic in the present day is to look at Venezuela, or Cuba. These Nations are run by corrupt communists who have turned already corrupt countries into even worse nations. They put the capitol B in banana republic. There are certain characteristics to a banana republic that are a bit eerie when compared to our present national situation.

Our founders understood that centralized power is a corrupting force and so they placed the tenth amendment in the constitution to make sure people understood the limits on the federal government when it comes to the power of the “states and the people.” The idea was that decentralized power makes it much easier to control the governing authorities. That is not a theory, it is a proven fact. This idea is largely responsible for America being the one of the least corrupt countries in history. You might be saying ”least corrupt….what?” Let me explain. I am not saying that we have not had corruption. It is literally impossible to eliminate all corruption from any country or government since all of us are born in sin. As King David put it;

Psalms 51:5 “Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.”

It is precisely because our founders understood this biblical point that they wanted to decentralize power. We have been a great nation of justice when compared to all others because it is much easier to find corruption and prosecute it in a system of small decentralized power. Yes we have had corruption in the past but never to the extent that we have now. The fact is this; centralized power is a fertile breeding ground for corruption. It is a Petri dish in which political bacteria grows unchecked until it becomes deadly in need of a strong anti biotic to exterminate it. Bad bacteria can get so bad that it kills its host and that is what is happening to America. Bad, corrupt, centralized bacteria is killing its host; our beloved country.

What are the characteristics of a banana republic? Let’s look at them and ask ourselves if we are headed there?

 1)      Political/Judicial Corruption

We have seen numerous examples of political corruption in both parties. Recently we have been subjected to the presumptuous payoffs of Ben Nelson in what has become known as the “corn husker kickback.” We have also been slapped in the face by what is known as the “Louisiana purchase” with huge sums of money going to the district of May Landrieu. These are just two examples oF the billions of pay off dollars that routinely are used to secure a political position. This was done in a brashness that smacked of an arrogance that poked us all in the eye. Billions more can be seen in every spending bill with the pork laden, pet political, sweetheart projects that these corrupt so called “public servants” use for their own personal political gain. People like Charlie Rangel head up the “ways and means” committee in charge of finding more ways to pillage the hard earned money of honest citizens while he fails to pay his taxes and remains as the committee chair. You try doing what he did and see if you do not get in trouble. Judicial corruption and selective prosecution are now rampant in America. If you are connected, and part of the intense web of corruption, you have a much better chance of getting away with things.

2)      Deficits/Inflation

Inflation is the result of a banana republic constantly spending money it does not have. It runs up debt, and devalues its currency, thereby decreasing the value of the obligation so the debt can be paid. In order to fund its debt, it has to Borrow, resulting in massive debt to other nations. Eventually the banana republic defaults on the debt because other nations are unwilling to extend anymore credit since their investment becomes worthless. This then leads to massive poverty of the citizens while the self absorbed leaders in the corrupt government continue to find ways to plunder every last thing they can for their own gain.

3)      Cronyism

Cronyism is rampant in centralized corrupt nations because qualifications are not as important to despots as loyalty to their corruption is. Tyrants place people in positions out of desire to keep themselves in power and thus cronies abound in every banana republic.


4)      Restriction Of Free Speech

Since central power protects itself above all else, it attempts to silence those who would dare speak out against it. Restricting public political speech is always high on the list of central power with demonization of all who object to its corruption. If that does not work, more “persuasive” measures are taken until there is a total control of political and religious speech.

5)      Repression Of Personal Property Rights

Since a banana republic has less and less assets to use to prop itself up, it seeks to confiscate personal property in the form of excessive taxes, annexation of personal property for central power’s gain, and outright theft of industries in the form of socialist takeovers that are sold with the age old sales pitch of “we know what’s best for you.”

6)      Dependence on Government handouts

Citizens of a banana republic become so dependent on government crumbs that they will not take the chance of losing what barely sustains them. They often remain in their miserable condition of poverty and suppression of natural rights because all they can do is try to survive. This they do until they simply deem it more important to die free then to live under tyrannical rule.

7)      Flight Of The Legitimately Rich

The legitimately rich, those who have worked hard, invested their money, and have been successful will flee a banana republic for another place when they can live in freedom and where they may prosper. After the legitimately rich leave they are replaced by the illegitimately rich. The illegitimate rich are those who are only rich because they are part of the government’s cronyism and corruption. The illegitimate rich are only so because they has stolen from the people, and are living high by their ransack of the economy and their connected status.

8)      Media controlled by the government or by elitists who are in bed with the government

Of course all media must go along with the corrupt régime and so the media is either totally taken over by the government, or it is said to be private when in reality the media is unofficially part of the centralized power. 

President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and their entire Marxist revolutionary minions are attempting to make America a banana republic. They have intensified the political corruption, and massively increased the national debt to unsustainable levels. Inflation is coming. Obama has appointed some of the most radical Chicago cronies ever imagined. They want the so called “fairness doctrine” which will limit free conservative speech, and have worked hard to demonize regular folks who are speaking their mind against this insane health care government takeover. The Supreme Kangaroo court has decided that a person’s property can be confiscated by the government and taken over by another private party if the government simply says so . The liberals have sought to make as many people dependent on government as they can with constantly increasing entitlements. Now they want the “holy grail” of socialism; nationalized health care. The government is chasing away legitimate rich job creating people with policies that punish those who are producers, and investors. The government has taken the power and increased government jobs and salaries even in the midst of this great recession. All this is being supported by the “4th branch of government;” the main stream media branch of propaganda.

Wake up America, it is almost too late. Pretty soon, if we do not have a second American Revolution, we will have a totally despotic, centralized, crony filled government.…….To the question; “Bananas anyone?”…No thanks, I will buy my own!

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