July 2012 – It’s All So Complicated

Published July 3, 2012 by Dr. David M. Berman in Articles 2012

By Dr. David M. Berman

One of the most important things to understand about the leftists in this country is their tactic of making things complicated. This is by far one of the strongest strategies they use to mislead the masses of uninformed people. They often fancy themselves as quite intellectual. They portray themselves as the learned ones, sophisticated, a cut above, you know, not like those hay seed, red neck, back woods types who (as Obama put it) “cling to their guns and religion.”

We should understand that this tactic is used over and over again in both their philosophical arguments and the legislation they push. Their complicated regulations and legislation that is often beyond comprehension is done that way with a purpose; nonspecific laws are easy to interpret anyway they wish. This then makes the laws easy to make into other laws without actually passing the expanded interpretations through the legislative branch.  The Obama healthcare law is over 2000 pages and we know that the legislative branch voted for it without reading it. All of us know of the absurd comment made by Nancy Pelosi “We have to pass the bill so we can see what is in it.” Of course the Obama healthcare law is simple compared to the thousands of more pages that the regulatory bureaucrats in Washington are writing to implement it. This is by diabolical design. The more complicated, the more they can get away with.

This tactic of making things complicated is seen in everything they do. They tell us education is difficult. They tell us we need those who are experts in behavior, education methods, and all sorts of psycho-babble to run education because of it being so complex. They are the professionals and we are told they know what’s best. When their performance is shown to be a failure, they never admit it. Instead they say it is very complicated and thus more studies are needed and of course if we care about our children, we will be willing to spend even more money.

Perhaps nowhere is this tactic more applied than the economy. The leftists parade out economic professors from major universities. They explain in lofty terms the intricacies of economics; capital markets, interest rates, the federal reserve, housing, retail, the interconnectedness of various countries in the “global economy” and of course the need for government regulations to manage it all. This is needed they say since average people are incapable of understanding and living without the oversight of those in government power who understand the intricate principles of economics. They particularly love to get the answers from the followers of John Maynard Keynes. His idea is that government so called “stimulus” is necessary for economic growth. The liberals love him. He is their economic prophet since he fits right in with their desire to expand government control in every area. Common sense answers to economic problems are basically laughed at since economics is again “complicated.”

I am not saying that everything we have to deal with in education, healthcare, economics, or social policy is always simple matters. What I am saying is that they are much less complicated than the left desires to make them appear. Basic principles of common sense will go a long way in fixing our most pressing problems, and yet to apply common sense is often a threat to those in power. After all, if things are not as problematical to understand as they make them to be, maybe we don’t really need them and all their senseless regulations. The media and political powers that be always try to portray true conservatives as unenlightened fools. They want the public at large to think that the only true intellectuals are liberal leftists. Those of us who argue logically for Constitutional principles, and the Judeo-Christian world view, are depicted as ignorant and amateurish in our thinking. The liberals said Ronald Reagan was a cowboy and unsophisticated. They trashed every real conservative with the same attack; unenlightened.
Here are some simple (yes simple) common sense things to consider:

On Healthcare:
1)    If an entity has proven itself to be inefficient, bloated, wasteful of resources and unaccountable, perhaps that entity (the government) should not be used to control healthcare.
2)    If legislation on healthcare is over 2000 pages and it is not fully studied by the legislative branch, perhaps it should not be voted on.
3)    If every country that has socialized medicine has less medical innovation perhaps socialized medicine does not inspire the great discoveries, and treatments that America has come up with.
4)    If healthcare costs have gone up at a massive rapid pace directly concurrent with more government involvement, perhaps government involvement raises the cost.
5)    If competition and market forces bring better quality and more efficiency, perhaps allowing every insurance company to compete in every state would spawn a better insurance product and more efficiency.
6)    If people do not even know what office visits and procedures cost, perhaps that makes them unaware of looking for a better value.
7)    If people see their healthcare as being paid by the insurance company and not indirectly being paid by them perhaps they will not look closely at cost.

On Education:
1)    If every inner city school system that is run by liberals is a disaster, perhaps the principles of liberal education are a failure.
2)    If higher education costs increase concurrent to government infusion of artificial capital perhaps market forces would make education more affordable for everyone.
3)    If the current ideology of “self-esteem” permissiveness with lack of standards of behavior and accountability are creating a bunch or malcontent, undisciplined students who are out of order, perhaps old fashioned strict codes of behavior and discipline would bring seriousness to the class room.
4)    If teen pregnancy is supported by in school daycare, perhaps the school system is rewarding behavior that is shown to leave a child in poverty, and emotionally scarred from lack of a stable father.
5)    If social engineering and indoctrination has caused there to be less time for actual learning of math, science, reading, and writing, perhaps the schools should stop trying to indoctrinate with liberal leftist nonsense, and teach what they are supposed to.

On economics:
1)    The fact that the constitution gives the federal government no authority to back loans to private businesses should be an indication that doing so is unwise.
2)    The fact that making something easy and less expensive encourages, and making something hard and more expensive discourages, should be an obvious determiner in economic policy. If you make it more expensive and more regulatory for business to establish and grow, you will have less of it, and that means less jobs.
3)    Using the government to strong arm business for political purposes like Obama did by trying to stop Boeing from building a plant in South Carolina is unconstitutional, and detrimental to the economy (Obama was playing to the unions).
4)    Massive government borrowing and spending eventually leads to massive inflation thereby reducing the wealth of citizens and killing economic growth. This then leads to high interest rates to slow down supply and increase the value of the dollar. High interest rates make it hard to get capital and therefore you have a vicious cycle.
5)    Federal backed mortgage loans are also unconstitutional since the constitution gives no power to give them. The housing bubble and economic collapse are directly linked to the practice of government back housing and regulations. If the government would stay out of all housing there would be no bubble and no bust…there would instead be real market adjustments that can be absorbed into the economy. Tax policy has a direct influence on the economy and the political games that are played in order to keep power are an unseemly abuse of power. Taxes collected for anything more than the most basic functions of government, as limited by Constitutional restraints, are nothing less than extortion. It is the illegal confiscation of that which belongs to the individual. Although cloaked in the picture of the greater good, there is no difference between the government confiscation of what the Constitution does not allow, and the common thief who takes what is not his.

There you have it. Just a few of the simple, uneducated, unenlightened, hay seed, religious, gun clinging thoughts of a Conservative. I would tell you that these are the thoughts of a conservative intellectual but of course we all know that intellectuals can only be leftist liberals, who are of a much higher thought capacity than any conservative constitutionalist. What a joke, and a bad one at that. Liberals are not intellectual, they are emotional, and Liberals do not base things on facts but rather intentions. Constitutional conservatives have facts, logic and history on our side. We are the thinkers. We are the ones who understand the principles of liberty.

Consider this: The Constitution, the law of the land, the basis for our God given freedom is made up of 4400 words. The anti-liberty, coercive, incoherent complicated Obama care law has 184,672 words. The great and powerful Declaration of Independence has 1137 words. The federal tax code has about 5.6 million words! What does that tell you? Complicate equals the stealing of liberty! Wake up people; it’s really not that complex after all. Back to common sense, back to the Constitution, back to personal responsibility, back to freedom! Don’t let the so called “smart ones” deceive you any longer. They complicate for one reason; to trample of your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The socialists seek to confound, muddle, obscure, and confuse. What does the bible say about this? God is not the author of confusion (1 Cor 14:33a). The beauty of the Constitution is that we do not need so called “Constitutional scholars” to tell us what it says. We do not need them because the Constitution is written for the common man to understand. It is not complicated. It is clear as day. Consider the tenth amendment for example:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
We do not need an expert to interpret this for us. If the constitution does not delegate something to the federal government, they have no right to be involved with it!

Simple huh?…Must have been written by a bunch of religious, gun clinging hay seeds. Live free or die!

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