July 2011 – Would The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?

Published July 5, 2011 by Dr. David M. Berman in Articles 2011

By Dr. David M. Berman

It seems pretty clear that the Media is anointing Mitt Romney the front runner in the GOP primary race even though he did quite poorly last time when compared to all the money he spent. Romney has been touted as a master business leader who has the experience to get us out of the fiscal mess we are in. Romney himself likes to speak about what a masterful Governor of Massachusetts he was, and how he saved the Olympics from fiscal ruin, and corruption. Oh my, Mitt thinks quite the hero of himself. As a one term Governor (he did not run for a second term), he made a large contribution to statist thinking by signing into law the first state quasi socialist healthcare legislation in American History. “Romney Care” mandates people to buy insurance under penalty of law because Mitt Romney believes in the tyrannical power of the state to force its “subjects” to purchase a product. Mitt Romney defends his “Romney Care” to this day, and refuses to acknowledge the tyranny he presided over. He also said that the federal government should do what he had done in Massachusetts. After all that he says he is against “Obama Care” which took its lead from Romney’s own ideas.

Romney changes his positions on many things more than a chameleon changes colors. He was pro-abortion. We know that no one could ever be elected in the leftist state of Massachusetts unless they believe in the so called “right” of a woman to murder her own child in the womb. Now that he wants to be President, he knows that no pro-abortion candidate will win the Republican nomination since the grass roots of the Republican Party are pro-life. Interestingly, Romney says he has had a conversion to the pro-life position. Now I think it is very possible that a person can have a genuine change of heart on the issue. I wish the evidence showed that Romney is sincere, however it does not. Romney refuses to sign the pro-life pledge. He placed Planned Parenthood on the “independent board” making it possible for women to get $50 abortions three years after he proclaimed himself pro-life, THUS SUBSIDIZING THE MURDER OF CHILDREN. Romney Care uses Tax Payer money to pay for abortions. Romney said that the states should have the right to make the decision about legalizing abortion or not. So he believes that the states have a right to violate the natural right of life and he calls himself pro-life? That’s like saying the states should have a right to have slaves if they choose to but he is against slavery…absurd!  Wow…if that is a conversion I would hate to know what he was before he was converted.

Romney likes to portray himself as a fiscal conservative and a social conservative but the facts do not support his claim. One of the most obvious examples of his failure to hold his oath of office seriously is what he did on same sex marriage. He claims he had no power because the court ruled that banning same sex marriage was unconstitutional concerning the Massachusetts State Constitution. The facts however are quite different. Here is what the Massachusetts State Constitution says:

“Article V. All causes of marriage, divorce, and alimony, and all appeals from the judges of probate shall be heard and determined by the governor and council, until the legislature shall, by law, make other provision.”

This could not be clearer. The court has nothing to say about the matter and is strictly forbidden from it by the Constitution of the state.

What is the real story?

In a letter to the “Log Cabin Republicans” (Gay Republican Group) Romney wrote them promising: ‘as we seek to establish full equality for America’s gay and lesbian citizens, I will provide more effective leadership than my opponent.’

– Boston Globe, 10/17/1994

When running for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002, his campaign distributed bright pink flyers during “Pride Day” that declared ‘Mitt and Kerry [running mate Kerry Healey] wish you a great Pride weekend! All citizens deserve equal rights, regardless of their sexual preference.’ Romney also proclaimed that he would support gay friendly policies and would fight on behalf of the gay community to secure benefits such as domestic partner benefits and hospital visitation rights for same-sex couples.”

– Bay Windows 3/3/2005

“There will be children born to same-sex couples, and adopted by same-sax couples, and I believe that there should be rights and privileges associated with those unions and with the children that are part of those unions”
– State House press conference, 6/15/2005

The real story is that Mitt Romney made promises to the “Log Cabin Republicans.” Instead of doing his constitutional duty and standing up for his and authority against Gay marriage, he used the courts “opinion” as political cover to break the law. In fact there was no law enacted by the legislature, and there was no order to do this by the State Supreme Court. The court illegally ordered the legislature to make a law. To this day there is no law in Massachusets recognizing same sex marriage. Not only did Mitt Romney not defend the Constitution, he even went ahead of any law and ordered same sex marriage licenses to be given out without any legal right to do so. He violated his obligation and promoted illegal marriage licenses.

I have stood for truth in my entire ministry. I have stood for the Bible, and I have also stood for the principles of liberty as recognized by the Constitution. I am not beholden to any political party. As one who has studied history, philosophy,, and the effects of world views on liberty, a vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for a man who has the blood of babies on his hands, a vote against respect for the rule of law, and a vote that contradicts the principles of liberty as established by our founders.

You might say “anyone is better than Obama” but I say to you that if you continue to compromise the basic principles of liberty by accepting blatant unprincipled so called “Republicans,” you end up with the same thing only a bit slower than the Democrats. Liberal is as liberal does. It makes no difference what the party is that they use to gain power. Most so called “Pro Family” organizations are in bed with the Republicans no matter who they run. Where is the principle? I want to make it clear that good conservatives can disagree on things however not on the basic principles or liberty as outlined in the Constitution.

Even if you are reading this and disagree with my pro-life and pro Biblical marriage position you must think about what happens when the rule of law is disregarded in favor of political expediency.

Here is the bottom line: If you allow the government to make unconstitutional rules that favor your position, eventually the government will make unconstitutional laws against you. That is the problem with allowing the government to violate the principle of the rule of law. Mitt Romney is a flip flop politician who seeks his own gain of power. He is an example of the worse kind of politician. He and all those like him must be resisted by those who hold sacred the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Believe God, fight tyranny, resist oppression, speak truth….these are our sacred responsibilities as defenders of the American Constitution!


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