July 2010 – Political Speak and B.P.

Published July 5, 2010 by Dr. David M. Berman in Articles 2010

Ok here we go:

“I am very glad you asked me this question and therefore after much consultation with the experts it is clear that action is necessary in the following areas.

1)      A crisis study to ascertain the needed information in order to take proper action.

2)      Continued consultation with the best in the field in order to plan the move necessary to reach our desired goal.

3)      Clearly focused (like a laser beam) leadership that takes into consideration all of the various aspects of the situation along with expert recommendations.

I have, in keeping with my grave concern over this matter, assembled the finest minds into a committee to discuss the causes of this crisis that we may never see it happen again. At the same time, talk is not enough, and so I am crafting legislation along with our friends in the House that will see to it that a new agency is established that will oversee this process and institute new regulations assuring that those responsible will never be able to do this again. Furthermore…let me be clear…I will not tolerate a breach in the confidence of the American people again. This administration is committed to a resolution of this crisis. In keeping with the great traditions of our values as Americans, I am committed to place the full power of the federal government behind this effort. By establishing a new agency, we will be able to accomplish and make sure this problem is overcome.”

I hope by now you realize that the above statement was created to illustrate the generic (fill in the blank) response to every “crisis” that big government liberals in both parties make. In the case of our present commander in Marxism, it is clear that the above statement relates to every “crisis” he finds. In the case of our former “commander in back stabbing” (You remember; compassionate conservatism just a little less liberal than the Dems), he pushed through the establishment of a huge new “homeland security” department in response to the already huge security agencies failure to protect us. This is the answer of all the political hacks that advise the presidents, and seems to be the answer of all modern presidents who care not about the Constitution.  There are always lots of words along with actions that further erode personal freedom and responsibility.

We must however ask ourselves why? Why do our politicians use massive amounts of political speak? Well, the answer may offend you. The reason why they use political speak is because the American people do not want the truth. The American people do not want to hear that they must be responsible for themselves and their families, do not want to hear that the government can’t keep spending on “free lunches” for every interest group, do not want the truth about Social Security being unsustainable, and the fact that America is turning into a third world economic socialist nanny state.

Give me, Give me, Give me!!!!!!!!!!! Is the cry of our young people who in many ways have been coddled by their parents due to their desire to be their children’s friends rather than parents (not to mention the baby boomers). We get awfully mad at the politicians for their political speak however the truth is that there is only one reason why they do it; it works. It works because Americans do not want to feel any pain in any way, and so they look to government to solve every problem from the womb to the tomb.

This causes politicians to kick the problems to the next generation until the problem gets so big that it can’t be kicked any further. Well we are here people. In the next 15 years we will owe more than four times our Gross Domestic Product (G.D.P.) in debt. Greece went belly up at 180% debt of their G.D.P. We simply can’t sustain the present level of spending and there is just no way to tax our way out of this. With all these facts, and the basic rules of math, it makes no difference to most Americans who want spending cuts as long as those cuts do not affect them.

Ahhh President Obama constantly uses the term “make sure” when speaking of his desire and ability to fix every problem. He is going to “make sure”….spare me Mr. President! President Lyndon Johnson was going to “make sure” that we eliminated poverty by government action only to see the decimation of the inner city family while enslaving people to the crumbs that the government doles out.  Our experience with modern American history shows that government only has the power to “make sure” that people’s individual rights are taken away by judicial, and presidential decree, as well as legislation void of the bill of rights enshrined in the Constitutional principles that they have forsaken.

A prime example is the devastation caused by B.P. (and stupid government regulations). Everyone is yelling out “yeah! Get them! Make them pay…as they cheer on the Obama administration’s confiscation of 20 billion in B.P. money. Oh I know…you think I am defending B.P…..nothing could be further from the truth. I am defending Constitutional government. The president has no Constitutional authority to demand money from any private citizen or company. The judicial branch is where the decision is made concerning compensation in keeping with the law passed by the legislative branch (in so far those laws are Constitutional). Do I think that B.P. should pay for every bit of damage, you bet I do! However I value due process of law since due process is an absolute necessity in order to keep a free people free.

Most Americans are totally ignorant of the founding principles of liberty and instead are moved purely by emotion. It is like a mob rule that runs through the street looking to lynch someone accused of a crime without due process of law. Everyone “deserves” and fair trial. Why? Because the trial is not really for the guilty as much as it is for the innocent. The fair trial for the guilty (even the obviously guilty) is ensured so that emotion will not rule to the detriment of those that are actually innocent. We all know that B.P. (and the government) is responsible however; no investigation through due process of law has concluded this. It is therefore completely unconstitutional to declare them guilty and assign a penalty judged, juried, and administered by the executive branch. Who by the way, has the money so they can dole it out in whatever way they decide as political favors to suit there agenda.

If we continue to allow the breach of Constitutional law and principle, no one will be safe from tyrannical federal adjudications without due process of law. Wake up you ignorant emotionally driven people! Freedom depends on the understanding and the fight for the principles of liberty as enshrined on our founding documents, by our founding fathers. Ignorance of these principles or the usurping of these principles will only lead to what history teaches us….corrupt, centralized, dictatorial, tyrannical power.

You can shout “yeah! Get them! Make them pay! All you want, but eventually it will be you that has not due process of law, and your children will suffer for your lack of understanding, and your lack of concern for the principles of liberty. You, who do not hold dear the Constitution, are the enemies of this representative republic and thus are guilty of treason in your hearts. Shame on you who cheer Obama in his quest to “fundamentally change” America.  A disgrace is you who allow your emotions to dictate your so called reason. America was the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are in many ways still the home of the brave. However the land of the free is quickly coming to an end. Our only hope is to rapidly return to our foundation as a people, and rid ourselves politically of these despotic politicians.

Let me say this again for those of you who comment on my articles without reading them fully…I am not defending B.P. I am defending our Constitutional Republic. What is Obama’s answer to the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico? President Obama’s answer is more government, more taxes, and more regulations. This is his answer even though the agency that was charged with over site in this matter failed. This is his answer even though the federal government response has been an abysmal failure. The government is so large that it moves at a snail’s pace with totally inefficiency. This fact is staring everyone who cares about our beautiful coast line in the face. It screams at what is wrong with the constant expansion of government power and yet so many still cry out for more government, more centralized power, and the socialists are only too happy to give ignorant Americans what they want.

Was this nation built by government? Did people long to come here because of powerful government? Have we led the world in innovation because of government? The answer is a resounding NO! This nation has been the envy of the world, the leader in the world due to freedom and Constitutional government. We were not great because of “diversity,” We were great because of unity under the principles of liberty. This great melting pot of various cultures melted into a group of liberty loving people gathered together under the unity of the purpose of individual rights and responsibilities. We have had many different flavors of ethnic communities however we were unified of the principles of liberty. Now we are no longer unified but broken up into interest groups all looking for hand outs from this disgusting, treasonous, despotic, inefficient, tax & spend corrupt, wicked government.  We have a President who mocks the Constitution, a Congress that has no concern for anything but their power structure, and a judicial branch that uses their position to legislate from the bench.

What is a freedom loving, Constitutional American to do? Are we to go along with the crowd that cheers on the political speak, look to the government to fix everything, or stop speaking out for fear of reprisal? We, who hold dear this “One Nation Under God” must speak out, educate, and resist the selling out of our birthright. When we think about Independence Day do we realize that it is the Constitution that sets us apart from other Nations? Do we realize that liberty cannot stand without the principles of it being infused into society and government? We must stand for liberty, and stand for the founding principles of America, we defenders of the Constitution will!!!

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