January 2013 – Special Edition – “40 Years of Abortion”

Published January 27, 2013 by Dr. David M. Berman in Articles 2013

Jewish Preacher Speaks Out About the Holocaust

by Dr. David M. Berman

When we hear the words “Jew and Holocaust” many horrible images come to mind. It is never really old news to people who deeply understand just how evil Hitler was. His power to inculcate his twisted and sick philosophy into an entire culture is mind boggling. At the time of Hitler’s rise to power there were those who opposed him. There were political people, and religious people who realized the madness of this insane demonic leader. Even though some could clearly see what was coming to their land, most could not and thus we have the unspeakable atrocities committed against an entire group of people.

Six million…six million…what does that number make you think of? Now put it all together and think about it. Jew, Holocaust, six million murdered! Can you feel that sick feeling in your gut that comes to anyone who has even the least amount of ability to feel? Is it possible for you to really think about Hitler and what he did and not have a righteous anger rise up in your inner most being? It is not possible! Is it?

Now remain in the 1930’s and 40’s, and ask how it could have happened. What allowed it? It happened due to a slow transition into madness based on the hard economic and social situation after World War I. When people are desperate they listen to all sorts of insanity. Hitler rose to power by seducing the masses into blaming Jews for all of the difficulties in Germany. He spoke of German pride and purity of the Arian race. Through that, intimidation, and outright breaking of the law, he became the leader of a country. We should all know what happened after that with World War II and the torturous murder of six million Jews, along with the murder of those relatively few Germans who resisted his lunacy.

Back up in history a bit now. We should not be surprised as to how entire cultures can think it proper to commit genocide. We look at history before anyone heard of Hitler and we see that from 1915-1923 Armenian Christians were savagely murdered by the Turks. In fact Hitler said before sending his troops into Poland, “Go, go kill without mercy. Who today remembers the extermination of the Armenians?” The “Young Turk Party” government of the Ottoman Empire in 1915-1916 (and continuing later from 1922-23) systematically exterminated one and a half million out of a total of two and a half million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. Back up more and we see from 1894-1846 hundreds of thousands of Armenians died in the “Hamidian Massacres’ ordered by Sultan Abdul Hamid II. How do you feel reading about this terrible history?

We should all know about the Russian Communists who murdered at will. All told including direct murders, death camps, purposefully imposed famine (Ukrainian), secret police killing etc. approximately 55millionpeople were killed by the communist leader Joseph Stalin and his followers.

How about Mao Zedong? He killed hundreds of thousands of people in the China “cultural revolution”. He had no problem killing anyone who stood in his way. Not to mention his absurd economic policies know as Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” that led to the death of over thirty million more.

Let’s keep going. Pol Pot of Cambodia which he renamed the Democratic Republic of Kampuchea, murdered over three million people in what is known as “The Killing Fields.” Innocent people were enslaved and put in forced labor. Pol Pot had visited China and was inspired to make his own mark by what he called “The Super Great Leap Forward”. His “Super Great Leap Forward” resulted in the even more death. Throughout “The Democratic Republic of Kampuchea”, eradication was conducted to eliminate any trace of the “old society.” This included all who were educated, wealthy, Buddhist monks, all professionals (doctors, lawyers etc.), and former government officials. Any person assumed to be disloyal to Pol Pot was shot or bludgeoned to death. A Khmer Rouge slogan proclaimed “What is rotten must be removed.” Is this upsetting to you?

To really bring this point home let’s look now at what is happening as I write this article; In Darfur there is a Genocide taking place. Real estimates are totaling four hundred thousand murdered and starved so far. John Hagan of Northwestern University estimates fifteen thousand a month are dying from either direct murder or starvation. As I write this I cannot help but be moved to the core of my being that something must be done! There is no doubt in my mind that you are forcefully indignant along with me. You have to be asking “How can this happen?” “Can’t they see the error of their ways?” “Why do they murder these innocent people?”

What does it take for millions of people to look the other way and convince their own minds that the purposeful killing of the innocent is justified? If I asked you the question; “Is the focused killing of the innocent justified?” What would you say? No doubt that you would say NO! Yet it has happened in the past and as we speak it happens while we all go about our daily routine.

Let me give you a scenario and ask you to contemplate what your response would be. Please open your mind and honestly think about this;

Let’s say there was a nation that was in the midst of carrying out a thirty eight year killing spree resulting in over 50 million people being eradicated. Are you getting upset? Let’s say that not only are these people being executed, but also there are groups of people in organizations who have dedicated their lives to the promotion of this slaughter. Do you feel indignation? Let’s continue and say that the people who oppose this murder have been made to pay for the promotion of it by the extortion of their taxes. Can you believe it? Let us ramp up the outrage and say that in this scenario the target of this transgression is innocent children. Is your blood boiling yet?!!!!!!! Well…what is your response? As you open your mind and honestly contemplate the above scenario how do you feel? Are you so desensitized that you do not care, or are you feeling the same feelings you felt as I described Hitler’s Holocaust, The Armenian Genocide, The Russian and Chinese Communists killing sprees, Pol Pot’s Killing fields, and the present day massacres happening in Darfur?

As much as I am angry about the six million of my people who were murdered in Hitler’s death camps, and all the other atrocities I mention in this article, I write this to help you see a holocaust happening right in front of your eyes. Yes, I have one more for you look at; The United States of America and its systematic slaughter of over 40 million babies through the vehicle of legal abortion. This Jew is talking about this Holocaust. I ask the above questions; “How can this happen?” “Can’t they see the error of their ways?” “Why do they murder these innocent people?” The answers I get are startling. The pro abortion crowd seduces many by making certain statements. Let’s look at some of what they say;

1) “The baby is not really alive.”

If the baby is not alive, why do you have to kill it?

2) “The baby is less than human.”

Remarkable, that was Hitler’s position concerning Jews.

3) “Difficult economic or social situations justifies abortion.”

Interesting, that was the justification Hitler used in order to come to power.

4) “The man has no right to protect his child’s life.”

Hmmm, every murderous dictator feels he has a right to kill a man’s child.

5) “A female has a right to do whatever she wants with her own body.”

Does that include the female babies that are aborted?

6) “It’s the law of the land.”

Hitler made murdering the Jews the law of the land. We made slavery the law of the land, segregation was the law of the land.

There have always been people who justify their Holocaust. Remember Hitler, The Turks, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, and all the others past and present. They always have a justification for their purposeful destruction of innocent human life. If you believe that people have a right to slaughter 50 million babies you either have not cared to think about it, are dead inside, or are as sick as the above mentioned despots. Liberals refuse to see the truth and have hardened their hearts. Whatever they may say about me, whatever lies they tell, whatever it costs me, this Jew will speak out about the Holocaust of over 40 million innocent babies murdered in my country. Don’t allow yourself to make excuses and turn the other way with justifications. There are none. I beg you to wake up!

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