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by Dr. David M. Berman

Yes those filthy, dirty, uncaring, selfish rich people. They are only interested in themselves and protecting their assets. When they shop, it is always for the best deal often paying less in order to cheat money out of others.

Rich people are famous for not paying their fair share. You know, Obama tells us this every time he gets behind a microphone. Let’s compare and examine some of the things they do with the things the rest of us do:

1)    They try to pay fewer taxes by using every deduction that they can.

2)    They seek to make more money.

3)    They shop for better deals.

4)    They protect their assets by placing their money in the least risk/most return on investment option depending on the economic situation and goals.

5)    They get upset when those who don’t work as hard or take as many risks expect to have the things that the rich worked hard and risked for.

6)    They leave money to their kids and send their kids to the best schools they can afford.

7)    These actions show they do not care about anyone but themselves.

Let’s look at the rest of us. You know, us good “not rich” folks:

8)    We try to pay fewer taxes by using every deduction that we can.

9)    We seek to make more money.

10)    We shop for better deals.

11)    We protect our assets by placing our money in the least risk/most return on investment option depending on the economic situation and goals.

12)    We get upset when those who don’t work as hard or take as many risks as we do expect to have the things that we worked for.

13)    We leave money to our kids and send our kids to the best schools we can afford.

14)    These actions show we do not care about anyone but ourselves.

The fact is that the average person who so self-righteously condemns “the rich” is one who does the same things they condemn the rich for. You want an example? How about the average person who goes into a small store in their town and checks out a product that the store paid for, and then once finding the product they want, then goes online to buy it cheaper? How about all the local businesses that go out of business because of Wal-Mart?  You say “See, it is those greedy rich corporations”…well why do you think Wal-Mart is successful?  Do you think it’s because of those dirty, filthy, uncaring rich? Are they the ones who shop at Wal-Mart? Do you honestly believe that if another huge company opened next to Wal-Mart selling only USA made products for higher prices that they would make it? The reason Wal-Mart is successful is because most of the rest of us shop there because we want the best price. Don’t we “non-rich” care about the other local businesses that are going out of business? Are we looking at self-interest, and personal gain above others? Sounds like filthy, dirty, rich people to me. You say “but rich people can afford to pay more for things.” Let me ask you this. Can you afford 3 dollars to be stolen from you? If a person who has less than you came up to you and said “give me three dollars since I know you can afford it” what would be your response? I am not talking about a person asking for help but rather a person who comes up to you and demands three dollars from you because they know you have it and feel that since you make more than they do they have a right to it. How about if they just put their hand in your pocket and take it? Would you okay with that? Its only three dollars, surely you can afford it. The truth is that you would be upset at their presumption that what you earned, even though its only three dollars somehow belonged to them because you have more than they do.

Much of the middle class have investments through their work 401k. When they look at their investment statements, they look to see how much money they made or lost. Many invest in emerging markets rather than American business. Sounds like greedy, filthy, dirty rich people to me. It is also an amazing fact that everyone who gets their taxes done, no matter how much money they make, looks to pay as little as possible in taxes, even the middle class that makes more than the destitute. Why is it that almost half the country pays no federal income taxes at all? After all would it kill the middle class to buy less coffee from Dunkin Donuts? Two dollars a day for coffee is $730.00 a year. Must you have that coffee or should you pay that to the federal government who are sure to make efficient good use of your hard earned money? After all, if you cared about the poor, you would not mind the government taking your coffee money to help them. It’s only two dollars a day or are you like those dirty, filthy rich people?

I think you get my point. That is unless you are a mind numbed “Obamabot” who is filled with class envy and entitlement thinking.

Why would anyone, no matter how much money they have, want to give more of it to a government that wastes it? Obama spent $4 million on his vacation of tax payer borrowed money. He flew back to Washington for the so called “fiscal cliff” vote for two days costing another $3.6 million in borrowed tax payer money, and then flew back to Hawaii for the rest of his vacation. Obama made an executive order to give pay raises to congress and government employees totaling 11 billion dollars with no regard for job performance. Do you believe a rich person should be okay with their money being given for raises for congress???

Are there bad rich people? Yes. Are there bad middle class and poor people? Yes. The fact is that every person, no matter how much money they make, what property they own, or how much they worked, wants the best deal (all things considered) they can get. Every person is concerned about anyone trying to rip them off no matter how needy the rip off artist is. Does that make us all filthy, dirty people, or does that make us people with a brain? You may not want to admit it, but if you had millions of dollars, you would not want to get ripped off, robbed of even a little of it, or taken advantage of by anyone who thinks they have a right to what belongs to you. You may be very willing to help others. You may be very willing to give to charities, but you would want to know that the money you give is for a good purpose and is not being extorted to support an inefficient agency and wasted. Obama wants to paint the picture that rich people don’t care about anyone. He does this for class warfare purposes. It’s the oldest socialist play in the book. Meanwhile he travels to Hawaii on vacation spending $7.6 million when I am sure that the $7.6 million could help a lot of poor people. Sounds like filthy, dirty rich people to me. Don’t you think? Higher taxes do nothing to solve the debt problem. We are currently spending 46% of every dollar just on interest of our national debt. We have a spending problem, and an illegal, unconstitutional, government intrusion problem. The government already gets $2 trillion a year in tax revenue. Wake up! You are being played by Obama. He is a slick Marxist used car salesman, and you are a chucklehead if you believe him.

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