January 2011 – As the Bible Goes…So Goes the Constitution

Published January 5, 2011 by Dr. David M. Berman in Articles 2011

By Dr. David M. Berman

This article’s title is one of great importance due to the connection that has been lost in modern historical revisionism. It is a tragic and unpatriotic move away from our true history to the cesspool of political correctness. What does the Bible have to do with the Constitution of the United States of America? Would it have mattered if there was no Bible when the country was founded? Why should anyone care? It was John Quincy Adams that said,

“The highest glory of the American Revolution was this, it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity” – John Quincy Adams

This is a point of fact that is beyond clear in the history of this great nation. To argue that our founders were interested in establishing a society that is void of Christian principles is absurd! Nothing could be farther from the truth. This truth however is not the issue for the secularist, relativist, un-American, anti-Christian bigots that find their hearts so stained with hatred, that they will go to any length to make sure the truth is suppressed. They will do anything and say anything. They will lie, twist, and muddy the waters so that their desire for humanism will prevail. They are relativists. A relativist is one who stands on nothing, stands for nothing, and is motivated by short term thinking influenced by circular reasoning. It is not logic that dictates the relativist; it is corrupt emotion and deception that clouds the real reason for relativism. The reason whether known by the relativist or not is unbridled pantheistic licentiousness. This is a war. This is a war of worldview. It is a desire of the left in this country to completely destroy all Christian influence and heritage. Due to the deception of their minds by Satan they see themselves as being the “enlightened ones” the “civilized ones”. There in nothing enlightened or civilized about dead babies, crime, high taxes, government intrusion in personal property rights etc. There is nothing enlightening or civilized about tyranny!

What about the average American? Is it their desire to destroy our heritage? I do not think that the average American has any personal planned desire to destroy our heritage. I think that the average American is asleep and so out of touch with reality that it is boggles the mind. They have no idea what is happening. They have been slowly manipulated to believe that our founders were something other than what they were. They have been slowly lied to and convinced of all kinds of half-truths and outright lies. They are not stupid but they are increasingly ignorant of the facts of history and reason. They are moved by their hearts that are impatient and focused only on their own short term selfish desires. This is why they are so moved by political speeches and ads on T.V. They are clueless about the war against us from within our own country. The standard of reasoning is now sound bites, and slick political ads.

Since the left has gained control of the education system, including higher education, there has been a concerted effort to change the worldview of young people. Over time the worldview of the power brokers would change to a secular, leftist, big-government, multi-lateral international mind set. Human will is seen as good and desirable to solve all problems. The human will…oh what power it is and what a battle it rages against logical conclusions. The will of man finds a way to rationalize against what is often known already by experience. Intemperate human will is the downfall of the character. It is often a construct of conclusion in others that convinces them that their will is to be trusted as well. It is often the case that those who are given to it look for others of like mind in order to complete their own deception. In this they find a false peace. Conversely, those who understand the power of the human will never rest from their battle against it. Theirs is a constant replacement of their will with the temperance of the Spirit of God.

The founders did not trust human will and that is why they did not trust big government. The founders knew that every time a person gained unbridled control over a nation that the end was tyranny. The also knew that a system its self could be tyrannical. The Constitution is set up to reflect that worldview understanding with its separation of powers and checks and balances. But what has happened? What is the reason for the twisting of the original intent of limited government found so clearly in the Constitution? Why have the political forces been allowed to use the Constitution as a means of oppression instead of its original founding purpose of liberty? The answer is found in the wisdom of our founding fathers. Benjamin Franklin said;

“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom, as nations become corrupt and vicious they have more need of masters” – Benjamin Franklin

Remember what John Quincy Adams said as quoted above about the “indissoluble bond” between the principles of Christianity and civil government? This is the problem and the reason why our nation has fallen so far away from our heritage and liberty. As goes the Bible….so goes the Constitution. The principles founded have their basis in a culture that understands that God is watching and that he is absolute and supreme! As we have gone away from biblical truth we have also gone away from the principles established in the Constitution. This is why James Madison said the following;

“We have staked the whole future of American civilization not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the whole future of all our political institutions on the capacity of man for self government, on the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to sustain our selves, according to the ten commandments of God” – James Madison

Is there any wonder as to why we have fallen so far? Prayer has been removed from schools. The Bible has been removed from schools. The effort to remove any vestige of our founding cultural bedrock principles has been successful and thus this is why we have an over 50% divorce rate, 37% children born out of wedlock, personal property rights violated, international influence governing us, huge government bureaucracy, millions of babies slaughtered, extremely high overall tax burden, and on and on and on…

There is a direct correlation to liberalism in the church and the liberalism in the society. The more biblically illiterate the society is, the less influence the founding biblical principles have. The church in America has sold out to sweet fluff, and seeker sensitive driven preaching that offends no one except the actual Bible believer! I am not talking about ministry style. I am talking about the substance of the message. Everything is fluff and what “prosperity is in it for me” with no conviction of the serious truth of the Word of God. Salvation in Christ alone is hardly preached with conviction any longer in many churches including mega-churches. Hell is almost never mentioned. Men are not allowed to be men any longer. Preachers are afraid to speak the truth about male headship in the home and church. Is there any wonder why we are in the place we are in when churches embrace feminism and ordain women as pastors in direct violation of the Bible? (1 Tim 2:12, 1Tim 3:1-7) The God given authority is broken down by political correctness. The same logic is used then to further fall into insanity as homosexuals are ordained into some “churches”. Instead of following the biblical mandate, liberal “Christians” are choosing to change the Bible to fit their own desires. They are those who worship their own feelings instead of the living God who has commanded us not to ad to of take away from His Holy Word (Rev. 22:19) I know why people are afraid to say what I just said. I myself have received hate mail because I am not afraid to speak the truth of the Bible. As the culture descends to the lowest form of relativism and evil, we only seal our national doom as we rot from within having lost our conviction of God’s Holy Word. Is there any wonder as to why the commitment level in true local churches is dwindling?

Our founding fathers were committed to the cause of liberty. Not only their own liberty but to the cause that all Americans, then and in the future would walk in liberty. It is not the propensity, nor the intrinsic nature of the human condition to be committed to that which seems not of personal benefit. It takes a larger view than that of self to walk in commitment to a cause or value that seems to be a constant conflict. Few are those who rise to any challenge that is outside their own personal interest. Our founders were men of great character. It is not that we sin, that has always been the case and thus we need Jesus to forgive us as we receive him personally as our Lord and Savior. The problem now is that we embrace sin as right and speak against the truth as though it is evil. That is the problem. Our founders were imperfect sinners in need of the Savior as we all are; however, they were men of extraordinary conviction and action.

So what is the answer if there is to be any saving of this nation? The answer is found in the foundation we were birthed upon. If there is to be any stopping of this slope of moral and civil decay, we must return to our roots and once again call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to have mercy upon us. The church must again preach the Bible truth without fear of the culture, and we must gain control over the minds of our children as to stop the indoctrination of the leftist, godless, deceivers who seek not after God but rather desire to be their own gods. Political action is needed, but it is not the answer. The answer is Jesus Christ and His Holy Word.

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