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Essays in Liberty by: Dr. David M. Berman Th.D

“In a nation that has lost its way, Essays in Liberty is an important work. There has never been a time since the American Revolution that has called for a greater effort in teaching the principles of liberty. The vast majority of America has become ‘liberty illiterate’ and this has led to the massive growth in the size and power of government. Essays in Liberty breaks through with logical arguments for returning to our founder’s vision of a Constitutional representative republic. In Essays in Liberty you will read solid arguments for American liberty, and the Christian world-view. Essays in Liberty will greatly help you to understand and articulate the true conservative world-view to your friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and family. It is imperative to understand and fight for freedom. This work will equip you to do just that. Be sure to get an extra copy of Essays in Liberty for a friend as well.”

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Berman's Commentary on the Book of Romans A Verse by Verse Study by Rev. Dr. David M. Berman Th.D.

” In a modern culture that is increasingly biblically illiterate, Berman’s Commentary on the Book of Romans: A Verse-by-Verse Study is a breath of fresh air! In it you will find verse-by-verse commentary that explains clearly the central message of the New Testament. Berman’s Commentary on the Book of Romans, by Dr. David M. Berman, Th.D., will bring this important message to life in your heart. This in-depth look at the central letter of Paul will move you to serve God greater as you receive the most powerful message ever given, the message of God’s power, purpose, everlasting mercy, and grace! ”

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Wake Up And Smell The Truth by Dr. David Berman

“Our founders understood the way to be free was only in a society with a set of moral principles based on absolute truth.  Self-government comes from personal commitment to God and His truth, which is the only truth.  Apostle Paul said the church must be built upon truth, the pillar of truth, the only truth, and Jesus is called the only wise God.  When people stop looking at God and His truth, they start moving toward relativism and slowly begin to call good evil and evil becomes good as deception comes in.”

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Marriage Mystery by Dr. David Berman

A study on the subject of what the Bible says about marriage.
(with study / discussion questions)

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