Rev. Dr. David M. Berman Th.D.

Dr. David Berman -Bio

Rev. Dr. David M. Berman Th.D. is an experienced and effective public speaker; he has presented his viewpoints at Dartmouth College, the University of Massachusetts, and Keene State College, as well as, many pro-family rallies. Reverend Berman is particularly interested in affecting the culture with Judeo-Christian principles.  He has been a guest on many radio and television shows heard by millions, commenting on various social issues.  He has also served as pastoral advisor to the New Hampshire Christian Coalition.  A feature story about his life testimony was shown on Pat Robertson’s syndicated show, “The 700 Club”. Over the years, he has been responsible for the planting of two successful churches.  He has brought ministry teams with him to Mexico to teach the Bible, work with children, and feed the hungry.   He earned his undergraduate degree in pastoral ministry from Atlantic Southern Bible College where he graduated with high honors; he earned his post graduate masters and Doctorate in Theology (Th.D) from Christian Bible College of  Rocky Mountain, NC.   Reverend Berman has been in active ministry since 1985. He is a Jewish Christian and is ministering with the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, a large denomination with 17,000 churches worldwide.  He has been married to his wife, Brenda, for more than 20 years, they have five children.

Reverend Dr. David Berman’s Testimony

I was born in 1964 into a Jewish family. I was raised in the synagogue all my life, and had my Bar- Mitzvah in an orthodox synagogue. I always believed that there was a God, but I did not know him. I tried to know him, but clearly I could not understand much because I had not come to the understanding of my need for Jesus. As a child, I was taught that the gentiles killed and persecuted my people. I was told that all Christians were the enemy of the Jews, and could not be trusted. This view of Christians was only made stronger by what I experienced in my young life. I was made fun of, had to fight, and was shunned by the people in my neighborhood because I was a Jew. This led to a great sense of hatred in my heart for the Christian faith. At the time, I did not know what a true Christian was. I only knew what I was told, and what I experienced from people who claimed to be Christian.Pastor Berman bio

When I was 14 my father (who was a very good father) died unexpectedly. I found myself completely out of control. My life had no direction as a 14-year-old, and my father was gone. This affected me in a very negative way. I started to spin out of control, and for the next five years I behaved in a way that was rebellious. I had an attitude that was without concern for anyone, or anything.

When I turned 18, I began to ask again the questions that I asked as a young boy. I wondered who God was. I wondered what religion was right. I started looking into many beliefs. At the age of 19, I was very upset by what seemed to be a futile attempt to know what was right. I really wanted to know. One night, (Dec, 23,1983) I was driving my van on Route 91 in Connecticut. I sensed an overwhelming desire to know who God was. I was frustrated, tired of my life, and my hatred. I cried out to heaven, “Who are you God?” The answer I got was not what I expected. The answer I got was, “I am Jesus.”
At that moment I received Christ as my savior, and from that day on, I have never been the same. That was many years ago. Since then, I have gone onto ministry earning a B.A., Th.M, and have earned a Doctoral degree in Theology (Th.D) . I have served as a pastor for 15 years, and have been involved in evangelism and music projects. I am also an author.

This testimony is still interesting to me because I never would have believed that I would become a Christian. I hated Christians. Now I am a Christian, and I have a bold disposition concerning the proclamation of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. It is only by the grace of God that I have gone on to preach to millions of people and win souls. This is a testimony to the mercy of God that can change a person from an enemy of God to an advancer of God’s kingdom. The only way to heaven is by Jesus, for there is no other name given for salvation but the name of Jesus. Praise the Lord!

-Rev. David M. Berman Th.D.