April 2011 – Libya Shows Barack Obama’s Allegiance

Published April 5, 2011 by Dr. David M. Berman in Articles 2011

By Dr. David M. Berman

I was searching the Constitution today and could not find the place where it says “The president must seek United Nations approval before military action.” Now I know I am not a Constitutional scholar in the order of Barack Obama. After all he taught “Constitutional Law.” I mean who am I to say that a man of his magnificent stature would not know better than I what the requirements for going to war are? I could, however, take a stab at reading that incredibly long and complicated document called the Constitution to see just what it actually says.

Article one, section eight:

“Congress shall have the power to declare war”
Again, I understand that Barack Obama is the Constitutional scholar here and that this is a very complicated article/section to understand for us his “subjects.”

I realize that we are not on as high a level intellectually as His Majesty. However, as I read this it seems pretty clear that even simple “commoners” can understand what this says. Congress, not the President has the power to declare war. This president, by attacking Libya without congressional approval, has violated one of the most important principles on the Constitution. The Congress is the people’s representatives. In tyrannical systems, the “sovereign” has the power to wield the military any way he wants. In our system, the Congress must first give approval, and then once approval is given, the President (commander in chief) can then carry out what is necessary for victory.

I realize I may be misunderstanding this whole thing since king Obama has said this is not war but rather a “kinetic military action.” It could be that I do not understand what a war is. I was under the strange impression that war involves ammunition being fired at another country, bombs and missiles blowing up another army, and being also shot at. Furthermore, war, at least I thought, resulted in death, and injury. So far, we have bombed, shot at, destroyed, and killed in Libya, so that seems clearly to be war.

My argument really has nothing to do with whether we should be there or not (I think we should not and that it is a very bad idea). My argument has to do with the Constitution and what is says. If Obama went to Congress and they voted authority, then although I think that is foolish, I would have no contention on this matter with the President. The problem is that this is just another blatant example of his contempt for the rule of law and the Constitution that he swore to uphold and defend. He speaks of the “authority of the United Nations.” The United Nations has no legal authority over America. We Americans do not elect them; we do not submit to them, we do not have any obligation whatsoever to accept anything they say as authoritative. The United Nations is made up of a bunch of corrupt people many of which are despotic tyrannical human rights abusers. Libya itself had been on the “human rights committee” of the United Nations and now all the sudden the “international community” is offended…That is outrageous! President Obama shows his allegiance is to the United Nation, not to the Constitution.

The fact of the matter is the Constitution was not written like the “Obama-care healthcare” legislation with thousands of complicated pages of nonsense. The Constitution is very easy to understand. It is plain and clear. What part of “Congress shall have the power to declare war” does our “Dear Leader, His Majesty, Sovereign One” not understand? What part of these eight words does he find must be studied to discern their real meaning? Even President Bush, who I am no fan of, at least got congressional approval for acts of war. We can only hope that the people of America wake up and give President Obama a “kinetic” kick in the backside right out of office in 2012.

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