April 2010 – Does Culture Matter?

Published April 5, 2010 by Dr. David M. Berman in Articles 2010

By Dr. David M. Berman

We all know the move toward “multi-culturalism” that has taken over the thinking of our most important institutions. The education, entertainment, news media, and political establishments have given themselves over to the idea that all cultures are of the same value. The idea then translates into a strange marriage of the culture and the ethic make up of the culture. In other words; if a person speaks anything negative about an aspect of a culture, that then is defined as being bigoted against every individual in that culture. This is the idea of political correctness that makes it socially unacceptable to constructively criticize anything about an aspect of any culture.

The politicians are very careful about this. They choose their words carefully as to not give any possible room for misinterpretation. This is why when dealing with the massive problems of the inner cities they refuse to actually try to deal with the problems in ways that make sense. Now I am about to say some things that are not popular with the multi-culturalists, the leftists, the liberals, the emotional reactionaries or the “everything is racism” crowd. I know that no matter what my life shows, or how many times I make it clear that race in itself is irrelevant to me, I will still be called a racist simply for daring to question the politically correct dogma of the religion of multi-culturalism. The truth however is much more important to me then the praise of intellectually dishonest people so here is a prescription of truth.

The inner city has been run by liberal Democrats for most of the last 50 years. The political culture in the inner cities is liberal. The social culture in the inner cities is liberal. The educational methods are liberal. Everything about the inner cities is a direct example of the fruit of liberalism. How is that working for the average person living in the inner city? We hear politicians, and leftist groups constantly complaining about the tribulations of the urban areas. There are high crime rates, domestic violence, unsafe schools, drugs, high abortion rates, elevated rates of sexually transmitted diseases and on and on.

These problems certainly exist in other area but why is there a disproportionate amount of these problems in the inner city? If you want to know the answer to this important question, all you have to do is ask Jesus. Jesus made a statement of principle that is very clear in the following verse;

Luke 6:43 “For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.”

Although Jesus is specifically speaking about individuals in this verse, the principle applies to societies and cultures since these are made up of individuals. The culture is the “tree” and what results from the culture is the “fruit.” If there is continued bad fruit then the problem is always due to the tree. The “tree” of liberal thinking, political correctness, multi-culturism, relativism, humanism, Marxism, and covetousness in the inner city has produced horrible fruit.

The answers that the powers that be give to the problems of the inner city are always the same. They always say that the problem is racism and the need for more “resources” (code for more money to waste). They never even consider that the political, social, moral, and ethical culture of the inner city is producing the bad fruit of chaos in every facet of inner city life. They will never admit the abject failure of a corrupt political culture, and they certainly will never express the evils of the inner city thug rap culture that now sees 70% of African American children born out of wedlock. They will never admit that the social culture of the inner city is responsible for itself. Instead of speaking truth and looking to what works (the opposite of what has not worked), they spew out the same old garbage and act as though they really care about the people when their actions scream out that they do not!

Corrupt power always protects itself and so the establishment in the inner cities continually use the fall back lines of “more money” and “this is racism.” We all know the definition of insane is to continue doing the same thing while expecting a different result. The truly unfortunate thing is this; the very people that have been convinced that liberalism is the answer are the ones who are suffering under its grip of destruction. The inner city culture of sexual promiscuity, welfare mentality, gang thinking, drug dealing, crime, worship of government, forsaking of marriage, lack of parental responsibility, and lack of respect for authority is the problem. It is a cultural problem. It is not an outside problem, it is an inside problem that is deep rooted in the culture.

How did the culture become so corrupt? The answer to that is found in the massive government takeover of the responsibility of men. During the great depression the American family was hit with massive financial problems, but no one was hit worse than African American families. The facts teach us that black people were discriminated against, and persecuted even during the good times in the 1920’s. Since this was the normal treatment of black people (and others), it stands to reason that they were in worse situations when the great depression hit. However it is an interesting fact that black families did not fall apart. There was no massive out of wedlock births. Black men were not having babies with 4 different women. Why not? If we believe the liberals that the problem is money and racism, then the great depression should have been a perfect time for these social ills. However facts do not line up with their theory. The problem has nothing to do with money or racism, the problem is that the government under Lyndon Johnson’s so called “Great Society War on Poverty” was a huge failure in that it replaced the role of the man to protect and provide with government. Without committed marriage, society has no glue to hold it together. Marriage is the institution most responsible for the prosperity of life. Stability, finance, and societal health are dependent upon the covenant of the union of one man and one woman. This is the primary relationship that brings the proper example to the rearing of children. No other method can bring the same results. The more divorce there is, the more dysfunctional the children will be in their relationships in adulthood. Any other form may never replace the power of the family. The government only plays the role of destroyer when it replaces the responsibility of the man to protect, and provide for his family. The more the government applies its self as father, the more fatherless children there are!

The idea that money from the government will bring prosperity to people is a lie that has been perpetrated against inner city people for generations. Even the name “welfare” is in itself a lie. In fact there is no greater misnomer then that of welfare. The name speaks an advantageous dynamic and yet it has led to the destruction of purpose, self respect, and ambition. Welfare has done more to destroy the long term optimism and incentive of poor people than any private sector free economy ever has or could. The reason that the culture of cities has been a bad tree is because the people have believed and given themselves over to a system of lies that are only designed to prosper the few elitists that run the corruption. It is a scam of monumental proportions that has been perpetrated on the people who now embrace a system that has manipulated them. This exploitation has lured them into supporting the very people and system that kept them in social and financial chains.

You tell me who the real racists are. Am I a racist because I want to see everyone prosper in free market principles? Am I a racist because I want all people to understand the principles of liberty? Am I the racist because I believe that every person no matter what the color of their skin is can and should be responsible for and to their spouse and children? Is it me, or people like me that have caused the inner city problems? The answer is NO! To all you liberals, leftists, big government multi-culturists, and “everything is racism” crowd, look in the mirror. You are the racists who continually sell a lie in order to enrich yourselves with power and money. If you love someone, you tell them the truth. It is my desire that our whole nation will repent of our illogical ways and thinking that all Americans may prosper in every way. It is not just the inner cities that are having these problems. Any culture or sub culture that allows itself to be infused with Marxist thinking and social liberalism is doomed to the same conditions that we find in the inner city.

Now the left is going in for the final takeover as their Marxist revolutionary hero Barack Obama leads his willing accomplices to take over as much of the private sector as he can. The true desire of the liberals in both parties is to have the same things that happened to the inner cities happen to all of America. Why? The reason is that the elitists want total control over the rest of us. To those of you who do not believe what I just said should learn from history. There can be no doubt that if the same culture that runs the inner cities takes hold in all of America, then all of America will have the same level of the same problems. This is not an issue of race, it is an issue of culture and world view. To those of you who dismiss what I am saying with the same old racism charge go ahead and write me the hate mail that you always do. To those of you who open your mind to facts and history, you will see that I am simply telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I ask you the same question that the Apostle Paul had to ask when dealing with a difficult subject;

Galatians 4:16 “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?”

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